Various Mistakes When Bettors Want to Make a Deposit

By raising a lot of money, people believe they can bring happiness. With so much money, one can buy what one wants. With a lot of money , bettors can also get what bettors wish or dream to come true. But persistence and passion are needed to work hard and achieve this goal. But the fact is there are many people who are lazy to work. Many people want instant without spending a lot of energy and time. Lazy people do many things, such as stealing or lying to people who have been attacked. It is often discovered by people who have suffered a loss because they were duped by promising false information.

Playing Gambling Can Bring You A Lot Of Money

One of the ways that people are doing now to get money easily and quickly is by playing online poker games. Gambling is a solution for society to get multiple benefits. People are very easily tempted and motivated to do things that are easy and beneficial to them. There are already countless people playing poker online. This is because card games played online are very popular for their safety and convenience. But this online gambling game is not always simple, every day the same mistakes always occur. Online poker.

To play in the online poker community as a member of the online pokerqq bettors must make a deposit in advance using the registered account number by transferring funds to the destination account provided. Then, members also have to check the bank schedule in advance. Every day there are always old members and new members playing and making deposits. But it’s a shame if the members can’t take advantage of the time. Where online poker members don’t want to deposit in advance when the bank is still online or offline. Most of the old and new members deposit bank offline and wait some more online. But suddenly there was a disturbance.

1. Bettors Don’t Want To Make A Deposit While The Bank Is Still Online

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Then, the bank will no longer be online or experience problems. If so, the disturbance cannot be predicted when it will return to normal. Then it is recommended to deposit at another bank and use 3 unique codes. But he still refuses and prefers to deposit the bank and the bank is never online or normal, which means he has to wait a long time. Customer Service will help process funds if the bettors can send clear, complete and authentic transfers. But often members want to be notified or corrected first.

2. Proof of Transfer that is not clear when sent

When requesting transfer receipts, these online poker members often send transfer receipts with blurry or unclear photo quality. Often times, the quality of photos is blurry, when asked to take their picture, bettos even say it is clear and ask Customer Service to wear glasses. Obviously, the proof of transfer is not clear. Then there are also many bettors who take pictures at close range. Then, also via SMS banking, with screenshots from the initial stage until the transaction is successful. However, most bettors immediately send screenshots of successful transactions and some are discarded. Lack of bettors cooperation, customer service cannot help process funds.

3. Borrowing Too Much Money With Friends / DEBT

Most of the people who play poker online are people over 25 years of age. Most of them already have families and have played online poker betting. Hoping to get opinions, many enter easily and quickly. However lost funds and experienced run out of funds. Mistakes that are often made by bettors are daring to fill in blank deposit forms repeatedly and falsify fake transfer proofs. Then, online poker bettors also make wrong decisions when they don’t have the capital. When a bettors seek a loan or debt with a friend and promise to return the loan if he wins the game.