Tips for Playing 2 Team Parlay Betting on Sbobet

The 2 team mix parlay bet on online soccer gambling betting is one type of bet that is very much chosen by gambling bettors, why is this because this one bet only requires small capital but the profits are large. In one bet, bettors can place 4 different matches in different leagues at the same time. Even if one of the wagered matches loses, that player can still get another chance to get another advantage.

2-team parlay ball betting is also currently the choice of gambling players to make bets, especially now that this game can also be accessed online. To be able to start the game, bettors are advised to first join a trusted bookies. Currently there are many trusted bookies that you can find, but of course not all of them can be trusted, so players must be selective in their selection.

To start playing and hope to win the 2 team mix parlay bet, players are also expected to know in advance the strategies or tips for playing 2 team parlay soccer gambling . For the tips themselves, it’s actually quite easy, it’s just that if you are not careful, a lot of players have failed to win. Currently, many gambling players fail to win because of their unpreparedness.

Tips for Playing 2 Team Parlay Football Gambling that You Need to Know

Wanting to win when playing gambling has become a common thing because with the victory, every capital we spend will be replaced immediately. To be able to win the game requires a special strategy. For those of you who have never tasted victory while playing. Here are tips for playing parlay soccer gambling 2 teams that need to be known:

  • Choose an Easy to Predict Market

One way to win parlay soccer gambling 2 teams in order to win is by choosing a market that is easily predictable, such as the total score at the end of the game or over under. Both markets are quite easy to analyze and understand.

  • Detailed Analysis of the Match You Want to Play

The next tip is to analyze in detail the matches you will play. In this case, make sure you know which team will play and the statistics of the players who will compete, this is to make it easy for you to choose which team you will champion for the 2 team mix parlay ball casino online terbaik.

  • Select the Most Popular Match

If you want to win a match then there’s nothing wrong with choosing a popular match or a league that is well-known and widely played, this aims to make it easier to analyze matches because usually if the team is popular you will find it easier to find news about the team that will play.

  • Find Out Head To Head Match

Apart from the 3 tips above, there is nothing wrong if you also find out in advance the head to head of the two teams that will play. Knowing this situs judi casino online can certainly make it easier for you to know which team often wins and which team always loses.

Those are tips for playing parlay soccer gambling 2 teams that need to be considered in order to get the win that is always expected. Immediately play the game and don’t forget to always place your best bets!

Calculation About Odds Parlay Easy to Understand

As we know, soccer gambling, especially parlay balls, is very much in demand by most online soccer gambling players because the pay is very tempting even with a small capital. But the problem is do you know what the calculations are like in this parlay ball? Because, are not a few players confused when they receive payment for the parlay ball that does not match the estimate or does not match what is stated on the betting ticket?

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It is necessary to know by every soccer gambling player, especially this parlay ball installer, that the rules in the parlay are that no single bet is allowed to lose because when there is a losing bet, other winning bets will also be declared losers. But there is one condition where you lose but still get paid even though only a little, namely when the losing bet is declared to be only half lost, then if there is one bet or just half win it also affects the payout value of the parlay ball itself. Are you curious? Okay, let’s see what the calculations look like through the explanation below.

  • Standard / general / win all bet calculation
    For example win all: you bet 3 types in 1 parlay ticket.
    1. Arsenal vs Manchester City, over 3 @ 2.07
    2. Juventus Vs Bologna, under 2.75, @ 2.11
    3. Barcelona vs Real Madrid, over 2.5 @ 2.15
    Based on the odds above, let’s say placing a bet of 200 thousand, the calculation is 200 x 2.07 x 2.11 x 2.15 = 1,878. This is the advantage you will get if you succeed in winning the parlay ball.
  • Calculation if there is a bet to lose half.
    For example losing half: you bet 3 types in 1 parlay ticket.
    1. Real Madrid Vs Sevilla, over 3.25 @ 2.05 (lost half because the number of goals at the end of the match was only 1-2)
    2. Borussia Dortmund Vs RB Leipzig, under 4 @ 2.01 (won)
    3. Manchester City Vs Liverpool, over 2.5 @ 2.03 (win)
    Based on the odds above, let’s say you place a bet of 200 thousand and there is 1 bet that loses half, the count is 200 x 0.5 (odds that lose half will be considered to be 0.5) x 2.01 x 2.03 = 408. This is the payment you will receive if the odds and nominal of the partner are as exemplified.
  • Calculation if there is a bet that ends in a draw.
    As an example of a series: you bet 3 types in 1 parlay ticket.
    1. Tottenham Hotspur vs West Ham United, under 3 @ 2.10 (tied, because the final result of the match was only 2-1)
    2. Napoli vs SPAL, over 2.75 @ 2.04 (won)
    3. Levante vs Getafe, over 3 @ 2.11 (win)
    Based on the odds above, you place 200 thousand and there is 1 market that ends in a tie so the calculation is 200 x 1.0 (each draw will be considered 1.0) x 2.04 x 2.11 = 860.This is the total winnings you will receive if one of the bets the parlay ends in a draw.
  • Calculation if the bet wins only half.
    For example, winning half: you bet 3 types in 1 parlay ticket.
    1. Genoa vs Parma, over 2.75 @ 2.07 (win half because the end result amounted to only 3 goals)
    2. Atlhetic Bilbao Vs Atletico Madrid under 2.5 @ 2.03 (won)
    3. Manchester United Vs Southampton over 2.25 @ 2.05 (winning)
    Based the odds above, you place 200 thousand and there is 1 market that is declared to only win half, then the calculation will be like this 200 x 1.51 (Each bet wins half, the initial odds must be added by 1 then divided by 2, meaning 2.03 + 1 = 3.03: 2 = 1.51 ) x 2.03 x 2.05 = 1256. That is the result that will be received if you place the parlay as previously described.

All of the parlay ball counts above are only based on 3 matches with the multiplication of 200 thousand, so it cannot be equated with your respective parlay ball bets which are definitely different. However, the method or calculation method will remain the same as above. Well, I think it was like that in the discussion this time, hopefully it can provide benefits or answer the confusion of those of you who are looking for information like this, thank you.