The Use Of Old Newspapers You Need To Know

Newspapers are the fastest things to become used or no longer used than other items. Every morning they will definitely be looked for, but in the afternoon or the next day it will be just a pile of papers, then replaced by a new edition of the newspaper. For people who subscribe, of course, the pile of newspapers will
increase from day to day until it takes up space to store them.

And generally, if these old newspapers pile up, it will definitely be sold to junk dealers. Even though the price is cheap, at least the house will be more tidy and roomy. Actually, besides being sold at a low price, this used newspaper has several benefits that can be used to facilitate our work.

From cleaning the coffee table or window glass Agen Casino Live to creating a work of art, here are some useful uses of old newspapers.

  • Cleaning the Glass

You can save money on glass cleaner if you have old newspapers. The trick is to moisten this newspaper with a little water, then use it to clean the glass. Rub the glass again with dry newspaper for a more perfect result. However, this method can only be used to clean glass, not for other materials. Because newspaper ink may stick to the surface of the object or item being cleaned.

  • Lining Wardrobe Shelves

You can use old newspapers to line your wardrobe, cabinet or furniture shelf. And of course the price of newspapers is cheaper than special coatings and is easy to replace.

  • Wrapping crockery

Newspapers can replace the bubble warp function if you don’t have them. When you pack a box containing fragile items, all you have to do is wrap each item in newspaper. Then place it in a box, then insert a few clumps of newspaper to give the space between the items. Finally, before closing it, fill the box with a few lumps of old newspaper. So now your goods are safer to their destination.

  • Killing Garden Grass
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If you have a small garden and weeds are a problem, it’s easy to just cover all soil surface with newspaper and then flush with water. After that, you can cover the newspaper using compost. This newspaper makes dead and becomes organic material that makes plant growth better.

  • Newspaper porridge

In the past, when you were still in school, you must have been given a craft assignment to make a statue made from newsprint and glue. The way this newsprint is made into paper pulp is then given glue and then formed.

  • Fire Trigger

As you already know, paper is flammable as well as newsprint so that it can be used to help make campfires, burn garbage or burn charcoal.

  • Keeping the Shape of the Goods

You can use newspaper clumps to keep the shape of your shoes and bags in order to keep them in good shape. The trick is to enter the newspaper clumps to the brim.

  • Lining the Fruit and Vegetable Holder

Put newspaper at the bottom of the refrigerator drawer in the fruit and vegetable section, this newspaper serves to absorb odors in your refrigerator.

  • Ripening Tomatoes

If you buy tomatoes and they are not ripe yet, wrap the tomatoes in newspaper and store them in a box and close them tightly. Then the tomatoes will come to a perfect red color. You can use this method for other fruits too.

  • Tablecloth Upholstery

So that the tablecloth does not move or come off, you can put a few sheets of old newspaper before placing the tablecloth and this is also useful for preventing damage to the table.