Zhou Yu Hua who has the nickname “Zimbabwe” is “King of Gambling in Asia” who is very well known and very influential in the gambling industry in Asia. The online gambling site Sbobet88 located in the Philippines and Cambodia is handled by him.

The Sbobet88 Gambling Site Platform is an application that facilitates players who are predominantly from China to bet via video calls, bettors can place bets and see the results via the available video calls. With this facility, Chinese bettors can join and bet with players from various countries. The Sbobet88 server platform is an official online gambling site in the Philippines and Cambodia with recognized credibility throughout Southeast Asia.

The Sbobet88 Online Gambling Site covers a large area in China. The currency the site uses is Ren Min Bi “RMB”. The number of members joining the Sbobet88 platform continues to grow with an estimated turnover of one trillion Yuan in a year with a profit of billions of dollars in a year.

This amount far exceeds the annual lottery turnover sbobet188 income in China. The huge sums of funds operated and handled by illegal unlicensed banks. Experts fear that this will damage the country’s economic performance system and the financial bureaucracy that should get the attention of the authorities.

The big screen of the Sbobet88 Gambling Network Platform is showing live Vip bets and games at one of the casinos in Macau. Sbobet88 operates and operates one of the seventeen Vip clubs in the Macau casino and generally caters for high-wagering Vip players, Agen Bola Online of whom are from China.

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One of the reporters reported and included one of the players named Mr. Chen, he was in the Vip category from China who placed a huge bet worth 100,000 Yuan. The Vip players showed cold and ordinary facial expressions even though they lost the bet by a very large value. In a game which was covered by one of the journalists, there was a senior player who lost 3 million HKD.

Mr. Chen, who was successful in the reporter interview, informed him that he registered and joined the Sbobet88 platform under the guidance of the Sbobet88 manager. A deposit of 100,000 HKD is required to open an account to become a member of the Vip Club at Sbobet88. Mr. Chen said that he was told by the manager of Sbobet88 that the physical casino in Macau is part of the Sbobet88 gambling business.