The Impact of Online Games on Adolescent Social Behavior

The rapid development of science and technology has brought changes in all aspects of life. One of the results of technological developments is the internet. As the development of the internet era is growing rapidly, one of the benefits of the development of the internet is for entertainment, for example to play online games. Online games have emerged as a new type of entertainment for all groups, especially teenagers. With many new features, which are varied in number and cheap internet connection, online games are increasingly mushrooming in Indonesia. Not only in big cities, online games have also penetrated the countryside. It is not impossible in 5-10 years traditional games such as hide and seek, hobo sodor and jumping rope will be even more difficult to find. Playing online games is not only done in internet cafes but can be done anywhere as long as you bring your device and there is also an internet network. That way people are increasingly spoiled by the presence of online games.

Online games that are in demand in Indonesia such as; Mobile Legends, PUBG, Free Fire and Valorant make teenagers often lose track of time. The rise of online games has also caused teenagers to become addicted to these games. Especially in the Covid-19 pandemic situation, where almost all activities are carried out at home, teenagers only spend all day playing online games. We often meet them at cafes or warmindo, idn poker teenagers playing online games late into the night. This makes them even more lazy to do assignments or take part in lessons because playing late at night makes them sleepy. Playing online games is actually fine, but as long as we can share our time and don’t harm others. The result of this online game also changes teenagers in terms of socializing. The presence of this online game certainly has a positive impact as well as a negative impact, depending on how we respond to this.

Even though there is a positive side to playing online games, without us knowing it, online games have more negative effects on addicts, both physically and psychologically, especially teenagers. Many teenagers assume that online games are just entertainment when they are bored and heartbroken. Many also assume that online games are just free time. Even though without realizing it, it will damage in many ways. Social theory views this as a social fact that has mushroomed among the community without many people realizing that there are changes both in terms of communication and social interaction in the community environment in which these individuals interact and socialize. It is as if they are required to follow the current trend, if you don’t want to say it is a scab or old-fashioned. The presence of online games in the midst of the rapid pace of technology has had a major influence on personal development and adaptation of a person, especially adolescents, even the ability to adapt to their social environment. Not a few teenagers have turned into game addicts, so they forget their true identity.

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The impact of online gaming on teenagers is also often speaking harshly so that they are accustomed to doing this to anyone even to older people. We can already feel the change in social behavior in adolescents due to playing online games. Before online games were mushrooming like now, teenagers spent time helping their parents, working in groups and hanging out with peers. The difference is now that teenagers gather just to play online games late into the night and often forget their obligations. Changes in social behavior in adolescents will continue, especially as we live in a modern, practical era.

Plus the assumption that playing online games can also be successful by becoming an esports player or a YouTuber. Of course we should not blame the entry of this new culture for the impact of globalization. The role of parents in educating their children here greatly influences adolescents in their development. Parents must be able to teach children how to divide their time and which ones should be prioritized so that children are not addicted to playing online games. Too prioritizing online games is just a waste of time, obligations that should be done first are often delayed because playing online games takes too long. Time that should have been spent playing with peers or doing assignments has been seized on for hours of gaming. In the midst of the fast pace of the internet and the presence of online games, we as teenagers must be able to choose and sort out what is good and what is not for us so as not to fall into negative things.