The Beginning Of Poker Game History

Although many people do not observe the origin of the game of poker, but from the name it is clear that we know that this texas holdem poker game certainly originates from Texas, United States.

Poker was invented in the early 1900’s at that time. At first this game of poker began to spread throughout Texas, then began to spread to Las Vegas in 1967 by some Texas gamblers who came to Las Vegas.

At that time Texas gamblers were still introducing poker under the name Hold’em.

At the beginning of its first year, the game of poker qq online deposit pulsa in Las Vegas was only played by middle to lower class casinos. because of that the game of poker was very difficult to develop at that time.

then in 1969, a pro poker player from Las Vegas looked for a place to play that was prominent enough to try to get high-end clients and at the same time introduce this game in a fairly prestigious casino in Las Vegas.

Finally, poker became famous at that time and gave rise to a poker tournament known as the World Series Of Poker (WSOP).

At that time, the game of poker began to be discussed by a number of media and entered into some casino and television news and several books were also written as guides in playing poker.

Until now, Texas holdem Poker has become a game that is quite popular with card gambling players around the world.

As technology advances, it makes it easier for people to be able to access everything at their fingertips.
In 2003-2004, the online version of Texas Holdem Poker was developed which at that time immediately boomed and was played a lot because of its simplicity. POKER GUIDE The

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internet also makes it easier to play poker online.

Initially many people in Indonesia did not understand this game of poker, but over time this game was very popular in Indonesia and until now there have been many players who are active in playing this game every day.

there are many ways that poker agents do to get players such as by giving big promotions to the players so that they will be tempted by the agent