Simple Tricks to Win Playing Pkv Games

To win playing games on pkv games is actually not difficult, just by following this simple trick. First of all, what you have to do is control your passions when playing. Focus, be patient, step by step this way can pay off. The important thing is you don’t be lazy to follow it, it is advisable not to rush enough time to play this game. Because if you play with a tight amount of time, you are playing carelessly. True, or not? Yes, of course it’s true. Okay, let’s just discuss the tricks to win pkv games as follows.


Capital is the beginning to be able to play and bet, for that we have to bring enough capital. For capital, it can vary depending on which table you want to play. For example, if you play at a pkv bookie table at a minimum bet of 5,000, – (5K), the appropriate capital for that table is IDR 500,000 if you are a dealer daftar judi qq. But in this fold capital trick you are required to be a player.

The way to use this capital fold trick is by entering the table with substandard capital to become a dealer. For example on the 5K table to become a dealer you must have a capital of IDR 250,000, so you can bring in capital of only IDR 200,000. Make a bet starting from a minimum bet of IDR 5,000, – if you lose, increase the bet to IDR 10,000, – still lose? Increase it again to IDR 15,000 until the max bet is IDR 25,000. If you win, there is no need to raise your bet, you can go back to the min bet or keep your bet.

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Many ignore this trick of playing it safe, most people prefer to play with emotions and passions. To win playing real money online poker is to control your emotions, be patient, and focus on the game. In this way, you will get points to win playing pkv games gambling. In the game at PKV, many members can win in a short time. This is evident from the admin’s analysis during this pkv game.

You have won in a short time, now it is only how you use it. For those of you who are still not satisfied playing, you can do this. If you deposit IDR 500,000 and you win 50% of your deposit, IDR 25,000, then in this position you can withdraw your winnings. The total chips are IDR 75,000, then the remaining IDR 500,000 will be played back. This is proven to reduce your losses and increase your chances of winning.