SBOTOP Understands Odds And Kei In Online Football Gambling

The presence of modern online soccer gambling that has been provided by sbobet88 or sbotop with all its advantages is now a good news for lovers of online and offline soccer gambling. Because with qualified technology like now anyone can easily reach the practice of online gambling, it can even be said that online soccer gambling has the highest number of players among all types of online gambling. Besides that, soccer has also become the most favorite sport in the world today. Based on this, there is no need to be surprised if the number of fans and the number of bettors for the sport is also very large.

Apart from the hobby in this sport, some people also take advantage of online soccer gambling sbotop for several other reasons such as filling their spare time when they are bored, having an idol football club so that when the club will compete if it doesn’t make a bet, it makes online soccer gambling sbotop as a place. earn income . Maybe among all the reasons above, making online soccer gambling as a place to earn income sounds strange or even impossible, but logically this is of course only natural that this person has a good or accurate way of determining his bet.

Apart from that, if you don’t really understand what and slot cq9 how in this online soccer gambling, please listen to the following explanation. Basically, soccer gambling itself requires a match and will be held first and in that match there are types of bets ranging from handicap, over under, 1 × 2, guess score, corner kick, cleansheet, double chance and many others. Odds & kei will be affected between all types of bets. What does Odds & kei mean? For those who don’t know what it is, please listen to the following explanation.

Explanation of Odds & Kei Online Football Gambling at SBOTOP

Odds & Kei on online soccer gambling, in general, can also be interpreted as water money or additional fees for choosing a certain type of bet. Usually the odds & kei on sbotop soccer betting will be charged on bets where there is a high probability of winning. As a little example, there was a match between Juventus vs Manchester City with odds of over / under 2.5. And based on the strength of the two teams, it is known that they are equally strong so it is likely that the Agen Casino Sbobet will end with a lot of goals, for that a choice of over 2.5 is subject to odds & kei.

In addition, Odds & Kei is divided into 2 parts, namely red (minus) and black (plus). If we choose red (minus), there will be an additional fee at the beginning, whereas if we choose black, we will not be charged an additional fee, otherwise if we win, we will get paid more than the nominal that has been installed.

  • As the first example for red (minus) odds, Juventus vs Manchester City match with odds over 2.5 = -1.15 (red) and under 2.5 = 1.05 (black).
    If you bet Over 2.5 with -1.15 it means that if you bet 100,000 and will pay 115,000.
    Actually, to be able to understand odds & kei is not difficult, if -1.15 can also be interpreted as 15% of our initial stake. If you place 100,000 x 15%, then 15,000 plus a capital of 100,000 becomes 115,000, but if we win on the bet, we will get a net payout of 100,000 and the 115,000 capital that we place will also be returned for that if we win on the bet we receive a total of 215,000.
  • As the second example for red (minus) odds, Juventus vs Manchester City match with odds over 3 = -1.25 (red) and under 2.5 = 1.07 (black).
    If you bet over 3 with -1.25 it means that if you bet 100,000 and will pay 125,000.
    From the odds of -1.25, we can interpret it as 25% of the initial bet amount, for example, if we bet 200,000 of the keys are 200,000 x 25% = 50,000, the initial payment price is 250,000.
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Meanwhile, if we bet 250,000, for example with -1.25 (red), then just 250,000 x 25% = 62,500, the price we have to pay at the beginning is 312,500. Even though the initial price is affected, if we win the bet, all the capital we bet on the match will be returned.

That’s an example if you put odds & red kei (minus), then we will discuss about black (plus).

  • As the first example for black (plus) odds, Barcelona vs Liverpool match with odds over 3.5 = -1.10 (red) and under 3.5 = 1.08 (black).
    If you bet under 3.5 with 1.08, it means that if you bet 100,000, you will pay 100,000 without being charged an additional fee because only the red ones are subject to additional fees. But if the bet wins, we will get a net payout of 108,000, this is because 100,000 x 8% = 8,000 and the total net payout is 208,000.
  • As the second example for black (plus) odds, Barcelona vs Liverpool match with odds over 2.5 = -1.10 (red) and under 2.5 = 1.12 (black).
    If you bet Under 2.5 with 1.12, it means that if you bet 100,000, you still pay 100,000, but if you win, you get 112,000, whereas if we bet 200,000 and if the bet wins then we will get 224,000. The count is the same as red, only if black we don’t pay additional fees, on the contrary, we will get paid more wins if the bet wins.

The essence of the odds & kei explanation is about multiplying the percent of the initial bet nominal, then you only need to add or subtract it. And in general the red ones are the most choices wagered by the players. However, it does not mean that what other players bet on the most will win, everything must be waiting for the final result of the match.

That is the understanding of odds & kei on soccer gambling betting, Hope it can help those of you who are in the stage of understanding these odds & kei. We are sorry if there is something wrong in submitting this information, because everything written here is based on our knowledge only. If you have your own views on this bet type then please put it first.

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