Choosing A trusted Poker Agent

Online poker gambling players who have understood how important it is to choose a poker agent site that you want to play, and of course are very vigilant when they want to register on the poker website.

To find an official and trusted IDN poker site is not an easy one, so before you want to play a poker game, it would be nice if you have to know a little about how to play or play strategies on IDN poker online.

Online poker lovers themselves often forget to choose the right agent situs poker idnplay terbaik when they want to register on a gambling website, for the selection of a trusted agent itself, it is only enough to see a portion of the promos that are given to everyone who wants to register.

If you find a trusted gambling website, of course the service provided by the customer service is very good, and will tell you about the promos that are currently being run by an online gambling website. Will teach us to play games that we don’t know.

It has 24-hour service by the online poker gambling website, which will provide us with a game solution that is usually won by every player.

So the conclusion is to be careful when you want to choose an IDN poker online gambling site when you want to register.

A Little Wrinkling Of Capsa Susun Online

Hello Loyal Readers Guidancepoker We will share a few tips on curling capsa stacking and card sequences from the capsa susun game itself.

Capsa susun itself is a card game that is almost the same as poker, because the game of capsa itself is very easy to play for a beginner or who can already play.

Before you want to play capsa susun online itself, you have to know a little about the basics of the game of poker, so those who want to play will find it very easy, and can win the ongoing game.

Capsa Susun itself can only be a maximum of 4 people, it can’t be like a poker game which can be more than 4 people,

In the capsa stack game itself you have to combine situs poker online resmi each of the cards you get and arrange up to 3 levels

-The lower level must have 5 cards that are large enough
-The middle level of the card must be smaller than the card that is in the bottom position
-The upper level Must combine 3 cards that are quite

large.Capsa Card Combinations from the highest to the lowest:

– Dragon
– Royal Flush
– Straight Flush
– Four Of Kind
– Full House
– Flush
– Straight
– Three Of Kind
– Two Pair
– One Pair

In the world of gambling, players are only given 1 minute to arrange the cards that are distributed to everyone at the game table.

Points that are earned from each game that has a combination card:

– Dragon combination is worth 52 points
– Middle Royal Flush combination is worth 22 points
– Lower Royal Flush combination is worth 11 points
– Middle Straight Flush combination is worth 18 points
– Half Straight Flush combination is worth 18 points bottom is 9 points
– middle Four of Kind combination is 14 points
– Lower Four of Kind combination is 7 points
– Full House combination is 3 points

The capsa susun game online has the term super translucent or translucent. Translucent where your three parts of your card (bottom, middle, and top) are superior to your other opponents. If this happens, the points will be 2 times.

Meanwhile, the super penetration or the circumference where your card parts (bottom, middle, and top) are superior to other players. This situation can occur if the table is full.

There is also a term paw, paw is a situation where a player is wrong in arranging the cards he has. This player will be deemed a loser through the circumference and their points will be calculated as 3 × 4 + points for other players.

Some Reasons Poker Is Loved

Playing online poker is a game that is loved by everyone, young or old, in the online IDN poker game that has its own advantages.

Challenges In the game of poker itself is patience, how to combine cards.

In the game of poker itself, it does not only rely on luck Agen Poker Online Indonesia, the game of poker must also be able to read the cards that are being distributed and playing techniques, because the game of poker itself still has several games that also have tactics or tricks in playing.

Some of the reasons why online poker is loved by everyone:

1. Challenges

For those of you who like challenges when playing cards, of course the online poker game is perfect for you, because the game of poker itself has a challenge to play that really meets other players.

2. Potential huge profits

If you play at one of the agents based on real money IDN poker, of course you will be able to get a very easy win, and can also get a very lucrative jackpot for everyone who plays at IDN Poker Online

3. courage when playing

For those of you who play enough to break your opponent while playing, you can try the online poker game, because the game of poker does not only rely on hockey luck, but the courage to bully the opposing party.

Basic Steps to Play Online Gambling

Online card games are currently very popular in Indonesia and there are also very many enthusiasts for online card games.

A little understanding of the basic ways to play online card gambling:

1. You must try to play online gambling cards first so you can see a little how to play the online gambling cards

Online gambling card games are almost the same as trusted online poker agen poker online terpercaya, gambling games in the real world, so for those of you who have tried playing at a real gambling table, of course you will be able to play at the online gambling table.

2. Choosing The Most Trusted & Best Online Gambling Agent

To choose a trusted agent, you can search for it via google.

Google itself is the number one search site that has been trusted by everyone in this world.

3. After finding the gambling site that you specified, you can try to register or try to ask customer service how to register.

After registering, of course you will try to play on that site, before you can play you have to make a deposit first, so you can play the game you want.

After your funds have entered, of course, you can play the game you want while still waiting for the deposit process.

So much information from the admin, I hope this article is useful for beginners who want to play online gambling sites.

Facts When We Start Playing Togel Online

In the lottery market, Sydney can be very interesting to try. Immediately discuss a little about this lottery. There are tips for the correct tactics of reproducing the Sydney online logo. So far, there are many types of online lottery markets that are so interesting to play, it’s just that you need to know the lottery market first. Based on all the current online lottery bets, you already have a lot of lottery markets that you can play with. So there’s no need to worry about that or you don’t want to try playing online lottery bets. The way to play is easier now than before because you can play online.

You can also see that there are lots of lottery betting games popping up in several countries. Because this lottery betting has been around for a long time and has also been popular for a long time. Especially now that you can play online lottery betting again. In fact, luck here is also very important and all our beliefs to be able to achieve victory by placing a bet number. Playing lottery bets must also have a high degree of accuracy and continue to ensure your bets. Because before playing in the lottery market, you must first understand and understand what is in the lottery. After that, he learned correctly all the things that could be victorious.

Online Lottery Gambling

Because this lottery betting game can be considered the most interesting to play and win. As a result, that is why the lottery betting game has many types of markets that you can choose or play freely. So, from here we go back to discussing the most interesting lottery markets for you to play right. In the early days of today’s development, the lottery bet type was very popular and one of the largest types of bets. Then, to find out about lottery betting, you must either search a lot or study. Seamkin learning will increasingly know the game we are playing right and right too.

Of course there are people who play lottery bets to win, so now you need that method. If you want to make a profit, you have to keep trying until that win can happen. Always look with confidence at a good number to be a win. Because this bet is only played by determining the numbers that you feel are correct. Now you can play freely and choose from many different lottery markets. But here we will only describe one type of lottery market, namely Sydney . Many of us suffer losses when playing lottery betting games.

Loves Online Lottery Gambling

There are definitely some people who like lottery betting, but they are still surprised by the online forms. Here you will get more excitement every time you want to play very interesting online lottery. Make sure you are sure of what you understand and keep trying to get that victory. So here is where we quickly explain the things about the sydney online lottery betting game. Sydney bet type originates from the kangaroo country, Australia, which is very interesting to play. That too will be easy.

When you want to bet on any type of lottery market, you need to know first. Like this online lottery bet from Sydney, you need to know a few things about the Sydney lottery. Online lottery betting can be explained in detail, just as what makes it different are the opening hours of the lottery market. In this Sydney online lottery you can play every day and have no days off. You better have to recognize a few more things. Sydney Lottery can be played every day and has a lottery schedule at 2:00 p.m. Therefore, you can be sure that this bet type is very solid, absolutely right to be played or used as a fixed channel lottery bet.

Facts When We Started Playing Online Gambling Part 2

Hi everyone, we will explain to you about playing sustainable gambling where is the way to play it. You can read it below so you will understand and understand playing this online gambling . For those of you who play gambling, read it until it runs out so that you better understand and understand.

Here we focus on the discussion on how to properly play the online lottery. There are many viable ways to play golf online. In online gaming, lottery betting can be defined as a simple lifetime of entertainment. Sometimes this can also be explained as additional income for us to play the lottery. In fact, this game cannot be considered a capable or good game for online gaming. Because you will find six exciting adventure lottery markets for games.

Because you can make a good profit. Soon, with new experiences, you can agen judi poker get big results. Here you only need a condition that can happen unexpectedly. Then you play this bet patiently and take a break from each bet. Because you don’t need to be skeptical about the game and feel like a reliable betting agency in Indonesia. That’s why it relies solely on online gambling, which assures us that it is safe and reliable.

Game Information Exchange

Therefore, we hope to share information about how to play the existing online betting. We talk a lot about online gambling in any form or in the lottery. Here we will come back and explain to us how to play the lottery online. When you play online, there are many options that you can play with or choose freely. Another option for those who like to play this or that type of bet. Therefore, make sure you are always placing bets or are unfamiliar with the game. Everyone has to work hard enough to win. The fact that you are playing at this level does not mean that you are wasting all your money.

So here you need to know some important things about online lotteries. Many people get confused when they play the online lottery. More and more knowledge is available for playing the online lottery. Now is the perfect time for lottery players to keep reading about this article. Because all games with stakes are quite interesting. The first time you play, you need to analyze the numbers and numbers that you think can be accurate and successful. Playing the online lottery should be as safe as possible.

Play Online Games

Make sure to play and continue to understand what is happening in the online lottery. Because not all online lottery agents are reliable or safe to play here. Here we offer the best solution for all of you. Especially for online lottery fans here you can play directly with online lottery agents in the modern world. In fact, we will do our best for everyone who likes to play the online lottery. The more games you play, the better for winning.

This lottery is very famous for its big wins, so many people play the lottery. Here you can get unusual wins, so the game is interesting and fun. As such, the way to get this winning bet is not easy to guess. If you want to make an adventure online, you need to find a reliable betting agency. Because many online lottery agents cannot guarantee that everything is currently safe and secure. Because we are looking at the first paid or unreliable online betting agencies. Most of us get a headache when looking for a reliable online betting agent.

Methods in Playing Online Gambling Games 2019

Games are a fast way to make money, and some gamers even use these games as their job. Suddenly, games have evolved now thanks to the technology that supports gaming. Based on the Internet as part of an ever-expanding game. You can imagine a place where everyone can access it if connected to the internet. This is very simple and good news for gamers because they don’t have to visit a casino. Just play games or make profit from their income.

For players who are accustomed to playing live games, they must adapt to be able to play online games. New players who want to try the game can also join, but most Indonesian players don’t know online games. Usually mistakes or mistakes lead to player failure, we will help you review “How to Play 2019”. After reading what we are going to publish, you can try online games. Here are the recommendations:

Choose an online gambling site

The first step you need to take is to decide which online casino site you want to play with. We recommend that you choose the right online casino site. Which is not the best choice, because nowadays there are many random gaming sites that are accused of being trusted gaming sites. In Indonesia, as a rule, there are many online casino gambling sites, so we recommend choosing the right gaming site. So where do you play?

The place is neither heavy nor slow.

Talk or find out more about online city chat.

Quick and easy installation.

Bonus or game bonus.

Provide great service, placement or draw for players.

Before creating a gaming site, you will also need to configure your own components.

Your favorite game or game.

Does the site offer game bonuses or cash prizes.

Availability or availability of deposits.

What is your minimum or maximum budget?

What is your minimum or maximum bet?

The right playground for you and good service is a playground. All sites have certain advantages, because they have disadvantages. So you have to choose which site to play in the future situs judi poker online. Since this will affect your future performance it is advisable to consider several aspects of the site.

Register Account / Game ID

Creating a game ID on gaming sites is very simple nowadays and most gaming sites offer free registration. So you can get a game ID at no cost, just fill in the registration form provided. This registration will ask for the data needed to get a game ID and each site has the same data:

  • Full name
  • Date of birth
  • E-mail
  • Account name
  • Account number
  • Tel

Previously, you were asked to enter a password or a secure password, you can create a password by entering letters and numbers. Save your game ID so that other people don’t know and do unnecessary things. After receiving the game ID, you will be asked to download the application to enter the game. But not all websites have this tool and some sites offer games directly from their site.

Young? Jagu, the list of online football games is very easy, there is no adventure in getting games.

How to Fill in Point / Deposit

You have entered the game and want to bet, of course you need a loan. Where did the loan come from? When you win a bet or transfer money to a target account in an online city, you will be rewarded. Here, if you are playing a game on someone’s gaming site you can see several ways to send money, for example:

  • Credit Card (credit card)
  • Debit Card (debit card)
  • E-wallets
  • Bank transfer

In most of the amusement parks in Indonesia, they often receive funds via ACLEDA ATM and some of the above methods. Apart from the account number, they will also receive funds from the account you have registered with. In the registry that will be considered a gift or gift. It is advisable to ask the website how to make certain deposits. The website is different, so the initial deposit method is different, send confirmation, transfer or other.

Playing the Game

The credit is already in your game account, it’s time to play or bet in the game. No matter what game you play, you can play it yourself. You can learn to play on the web or on Google to learn how to play the types of games you play. Remember this! Game zones do not write rules and mislead players. Therefore, players often experience economic losses or lose resources.

But good gambling sites always have rules and regulations that apply to those who wish to bet. You can clearly understand this in order to avoid mistakes that will lead to loss of honor in the future. Reading rules are tough, but we recommend that you keep reading these rules to reduce errors or losses.

Playing Other Games

Big gaming websites have a lot of rules as the player has chosen the type of bet in the game. For example, when you are betting and want to wait, you can play other types of games such as poker. But for the loan itself, different types of games are used, usually differences in the loan used. As an online gamer, you can play one or more of the games they offer.

Washing Win / Witdraw Points

In order to be successful, you must first withdraw money from your account. The online distributor will send money to your registered account depending on the loan amount you withdraw. There are also some rules, starting with how to make online withdrawals. You also understand how to draw this conclusion, and it’s great. If you need money quickly, the funds will enter your account without any problems or hindrances.


If you read the above comments carefully, we are sure that you will fully understand how to play this online game. No matter what game you play, you need to adapt to the conditions, terms and rules on the website that you are playing. Don’t forget to ask for bonuses, because online gaming sites have as many bonuses as possible. Remember to set a strategy that is right for you. If necessary, players can try the game to learn more about remote gaming. In short, thank you for taking the time to read our comments and wish the boss good luck.

The Guide to Registering an Account for Free Sbobet Real is Easy and Correct

We all know that in advanced technology, everyone should have a cell phone. Where a cell phone can be used to search / find everything you want (including one of them) is online gambling games.

Because, as we know, finding online games is now quite simple. On the network you can find all the information about the game, including how to register for free. Here we will introduce all who wish to register on the official Indonesian website for free.

How to Create an Account / Register a Sbobet Account

Sbobet is one of the best and most official online services in Indonesia. You can play various games with a unique user ID anywhere on the Internet.

And, as the official online gaming site, sbobet offers some of the best games, including sports games and live casino games. So don’t be surprised if Sobot is one of the most popular gaming companies in Indonesia.

So for those who are interested in participating, simply register with your online poker provider. Then you will be given a game account with a username and password. But before signing up, all potential sbobet members need to know something, including them.

Register an Account at the Trusted and Most Reliable Sbobet Agent

Of course, registration is not an easy task as it provides accurate and accurate personal data. In short, the hardest part is finding an authorized and trustworthy agent. Because, as we know, many online agents must have scammers.

Therefore, beginners are advised to seek out and get a reliable football agent bandar poker. You can do this online with Google by entering the keywords “Register” or “Register”. Or, if you have a colleague who has played the online game in advance, he or she can be guided.

There must be a bank account to register an account

The requirement to have a bank account is a prerequisite for every player / participant. The bank account will then be used to complete transactions, complete and withdrawals with the agent. Since you want to play the game for real money each player must balance first.

Usually, online agents work with well-known local banks such as BRI, BCA, BNI, Mandiri and Danamon. Apart from the above banks, players should also point to the customer service website to see if the site is available.

Fill in your data to register for an account

The last thing players want to join online is to fill out their personal information. This must be done when the game account creation process runs smoothly and quickly. So, after you have prepared the necessary data, the next step is to go to the agent.

Therefore, if you visit this agent, it will have a list of clicks and it will go directly to the registration page below.

You have to fill in the registry properly and completely if they are wrong. Then you have to confirm support via chat on the main screen.

If successful, you will be provided with an account sent directly to your phone number (WhatsApp or cable) as username and password. However, if the agent doesn’t send the username and password, the player can reset the request in the chat.

Once you have received your account (username and password), you can immediately deposit money into the event agent’s bank account. For the target bank deposit account, you can request it via chat or via proxy.

If you made the transfer, you will need to return to Chats and WhatsApp to confirm the deposit, which shows your user identity and the amount of the deposit. The agent will need more or less time to process deposits or withdrawals. So that every member of the agency can feel comfortable and safe. Is that easy?

Want to know how an authorized agent will fail? The agent is a free player. As you have explained earlier, you should look for a permanent and reliable agent. One of them, representative agency, is war. When many participants are involved and feel that profit is a great opportunity.

The Right Way To Play DominoQQ Games

Hello everyone, I will share the right way to play online gambling, especially the DominoQQ game. Who doesn’t know this game? This is a very popular game, especially for those who often play online gambling. Is the way to play that has been done correctly? Many don’t know the right way to play dominoqq online. I will share the right way to play dominoqq online so that you can easily win the game.

The Right Way to Play Online Gambling, Especially in the Dominoqq game

In a game, winning and losing is a natural thing, especially when playing online gambling. But there is nothing wrong if we try to find ways to win in any game so that we can feel satisfied playing. There are many ways that can be done in playing dominoqq, however, I will share the right way to play dominoqq which has a big influence in this game.

  • Using the Hockey Strategy

In dominoqq games, of course you will meet tough opponents, but don’t lose confidence because with the right strategy you can certainly win this game. Because every online gambling game on each table is real player vs player, therefore strategy really determines your game, to be able to win this game we recommend agen capsa susun that you use a strategy of bluffing your opponent, like all in even though you don’t have a good card combination in your hand. , because in this way your opponent will find it difficult to know what the next move you will use in the next round.

  • Have Confidence At Every Step

In every online gambling game you must have high self-confidence so that you can take the right steps in every online gambling game, especially dominoqq games. If you don’t have the confidence in playing online gambling, it’s better if you don’t play it, because this has a huge impact on your hockey, I suggest you don’t be influenced by your surroundings, you just focus on playing.

  • Don’t get provoked easily

In online gambling games, we often find players who emotionally continue to increase the number of bets, thus making them lose. This is a lesson that needs to be applied in playing online gambling, never to play emotionally, because as a result you will lose your chips and you will not get anything. So play patiently in order to avoid unwanted things.

  • Playing at a Hockey table

In order to win playing dominoqq, play at a hockey table. You can try sitting on the right, because usually this chair is a hockey chair, you can believe it or not, but I have tried it and the results are very satisfying, if you play and feel the table you choose is less hockey, you can move to another table. , because moving the table would not be a problem. The important thing is that you play honestly and do not harm the site, of course, there will be no problem.

Thus I share the right way to play dominoqq, you can try it in every game, and try to use a good network provider so that when you play the game the internet connection is not cut off and you can play smoothly.

Forgot Password on Bettors Online Gambling Account See Our Articles

When playing online poker, these names usually win and lose. When winning, online poker bettors will feel good, but when they lose there are people who are disappointed. Then there is the emotion or the discomfort of expressing their emotions to those who are close and to Customer Service. When playing online poker, all bettors should be able to have a high level of strategy, concentration and playing patience. Because in this card game, winning or losing is determined by the cards that are randomly distributed. Losses and profits also depend on the nominal bet made by the bettors themselves. Experience is also very important when playing online poker.

So that later bettors can find out what is wrong and what is right. But when it comes to playing online poker, there are still many online poker bettors who really don’t know much about the game they are playing on their own. Most of the online poker bettors who don’t know this, always think negatively about the information or solutions that have been given to the bettors. Misunderstanding often occurs when newbies and former online poker bettors forget their account passwords. When online poker bettors ask for help from customer service. By sending messages via Live Chat 24 service, Customer Service will help with the best bettors solution.

Never Tell Anyone Your Account To Anyone

The initial rules and should be known by all online poker bettors. If the online poker bettors have a problem with their account, the bettors can report it to Customer Service. Of course, bettors can convey clear information and facts; In general, online poker bettors love to create stories. For online poker bettors who forgot their username or password, they can ask for help with customer service. Online poker accounts are privately owned and may not be loaned to friends or anyone. In the event of a loss of funds or a depletion of funds due to the fact that it has been played, the online poker site or Customer Service will not be responsible for any problems they cause themselves.

Prioritize Deposit First, Then Can Reset Password

Then also, if online poker bettors really want to play, when they forget their account password. There is only one solution for these online poker bettors. Where online poker bettors have to make a deposit in advance using a registered account or in accordance with their account. The minimum deposit is also only IDR 10,000, if the funds have been sent and the account name is in the bank statement and in the account. Then, Customer Service will help bettors immediately reset the new password. If online poker bettors find it complicated, complicated and a few other complaints. In order for bettors to think smartly, the funds deposited before can be processed and played by agen domino the bettors, this method aims to maintain account security.

The Agent Will Not Get Profits If Changing Bettors Password

Online poker bettor also means that he is the owner or for some other reason. Sorry, if the procedure is like that. Then the bettors can only comply with it, if he does not wish to reset such a password. Bettors are only trying to recall, because only the bettors themselves know the name of the personal account and they create the password. But online poker bettors even accuse sites or customer service of changing their random bettors passwords. Please note that Customer Service functions according to the labor standards provided. It doesn’t make sense to hack accounts and play with bettors accounts too.

Says Already Deposit, And After Checking It Turns Out Funds Are Empty

In general, online poker bettors are also wrong to write their links and usernames. Bettors links are written using www, then some use the modal prefix, the link is incorrect and complete when writing. Likewise, typing the username is wrong, if due to such a typing error just the bettors say they forgot the password. Then, online poker bettors are usually asked to deposit first, he has admitted. When it is verified that the bettors’ funds have not entered at all, when they are asked for a transfer receipt, usually online poker bettors send proof of the transfer of the deposit yesterday, last week, this morning or evening, even making a few months

Profitable Online Gambling Games

Hi guys, we want to give you a little way for those of you who are already playing online gambling. A way that can get a win but not definitely get a win but there is a 70% chance of getting a win from this online gambling. The way is simple, you can read this article until it runs out because there are ways below. This online gambling has been popular to what extent so from that this online bookie is getting a lot because they feel the profits are quite good in becoming this online gambling bookie. And as players who like to play online gambling, don’t lose to this bookie. We must also win in any way that can make us get this victory, so for you, please read the method below.

Over time, more and more people will know the circle and become the name of online gambling. When playing any online game, there must be an error playing the online game. In the end, it’s all players or those who are to blame for your game. It all depends on how you make the game yourself and how well it plays. Specifically, to win a game, the game must be right or wrong.

Sometimes online games go wrong too. So this prevents most agen poker online people from making the mistake of playing online gambling. If you do something wrong, you won’t be harmed. Playing online games is very important, don’t get me wrong. Just follow some rules and tricks to win.

If you know how to play the online games you play, you can get all this information. So, once you have made your bet online, you should still avoid mistakes. Focus whenever you play a serious online game. If you play all the games online, you have to be careful when developing games.

Online Gambling

If you already know how to play, betting in online games is great. You are not sure that all online games are associated with the many types of bets that you can bet right now. There is no doubt that online gaming is never boring. In addition, you can win every day by placing bets online. Try to be prepared so that you don’t make mistakes again.

Important facts Make no mistake when placing bets online. Therefore, we always advise you not to play with bugs that persist. Because it’s not good if you keep making mistakes. If you really want to avoid this mistake, then you have to keep learning. The more you use the Internet, the more mistakes you make during the game. Therefore, we recommend that you play the game, and you should also know if there are any common mistakes.

The first mistake is that you have to play to understand the game. If you are not playing the Internet for the first time, you are definitely wrong. It all depends on how you play your way or how well you learn the game. If you do not know about online gambling or you have a problem, do not express your wish. Because here you need to choose the right bet for yourself.

Filing wants to win

If you really want to be a winner, don’t make mistakes. Hence, gambling does not seek personal success. It’s not that you have to play all the games. Now, as you get closer to the game, you need to focus solely on the game. My friend will not try to play online games without knowing how to play.

Ideally, you should focus on your favorite online game or the game that suits you best. Because if you apply what you learn, winning is easy. No matter how old they are when playing online games, they are also guilty of gambling. So actually, when we play games, the mistakes come from ourselves. Then you have to learn or try to follow the success that always happens. I wish you a much more successful play in the future. So you look like this game.

Various Mistakes When Bettors Want to Make a Deposit

By raising a lot of money, people believe they can bring happiness. With so much money, one can buy what one wants. With a lot of money , bettors can also get what bettors wish or dream to come true. But persistence and passion are needed to work hard and achieve this goal. But the fact is there are many people who are lazy to work. Many people want instant without spending a lot of energy and time. Lazy people do many things, such as stealing or lying to people who have been attacked. It is often discovered by people who have suffered a loss because they were duped by promising false information.

Playing Gambling Can Bring You A Lot Of Money

One of the ways that people are doing now to get money easily and quickly is by playing online poker games. Gambling is a solution for society to get multiple benefits. People are very easily tempted and motivated to do things that are easy and beneficial to them. There are already countless people playing poker online. This is because card games played online are very popular for their safety and convenience. But this online gambling game is not always simple, every day the same mistakes always occur. Online poker.

To play in the online poker community as a member of the online pokerqq bettors must make a deposit in advance using the registered account number by transferring funds to the destination account provided. Then, members also have to check the bank schedule in advance. Every day there are always old members and new members playing and making deposits. But it’s a shame if the members can’t take advantage of the time. Where online poker members don’t want to deposit in advance when the bank is still online or offline. Most of the old and new members deposit bank offline and wait some more online. But suddenly there was a disturbance.

1. Bettors Don’t Want To Make A Deposit While The Bank Is Still Online

Then, the bank will no longer be online or experience problems. If so, the disturbance cannot be predicted when it will return to normal. Then it is recommended to deposit at another bank and use 3 unique codes. But he still refuses and prefers to deposit the bank and the bank is never online or normal, which means he has to wait a long time. Customer Service will help process funds if the bettors can send clear, complete and authentic transfers. But often members want to be notified or corrected first.

2. Proof of Transfer that is not clear when sent

When requesting transfer receipts, these online poker members often send transfer receipts with blurry or unclear photo quality. Often times, the quality of photos is blurry, when asked to take their picture, bettos even say it is clear and ask Customer Service to wear glasses. Obviously, the proof of transfer is not clear. Then there are also many bettors who take pictures at close range. Then, also via SMS banking, with screenshots from the initial stage until the transaction is successful. However, most bettors immediately send screenshots of successful transactions and some are discarded. Lack of bettors cooperation, customer service cannot help process funds.

3. Borrowing Too Much Money With Friends / DEBT

Most of the people who play poker online are people over 25 years of age. Most of them already have families and have played online poker betting. Hoping to get opinions, many enter easily and quickly. However lost funds and experienced run out of funds. Mistakes that are often made by bettors are daring to fill in blank deposit forms repeatedly and falsify fake transfer proofs. Then, online poker bettors also make wrong decisions when they don’t have the capital. When a bettors seek a loan or debt with a friend and promise to return the loan if he wins the game.

Online Game Slot Agent with the Highest Bonus in Indonesia

Want to make money and to ensure big wins in a short period of time every day? by online

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Working Principle of Capacitors

Imagine in front of you there are two iron plates, two long cables, and a 12 volt car battery that says Yuasa which has just been charged.

Then you arrange the two iron plates facing each other and parallel to a distance of only 1 cm. Using the two cables provided, you connect one iron to the positive pole of the battery, while the other iron you connect to the negative pole.

Then while wearing the Ant Man costume, you press the button on the base of your right index finger until you shrink, keep getting smaller, while feeling a little nausea in your stomach, until you finally reach subatomic size.

And how surprised you will be when you can see various miracles that exist in other realms.

As you approached the row of iron plate atoms earlier, your eyes widened because you saw the positive iron plate atoms being left behind by the electrons.

With curiosity, you approach the atoms on the iron plate next to them that are connected to the negative pole of the battery. And you are even more curious, because you see that the iron atoms are actually being approached by electrons, more and more, and the more they accumulate.

A few moments later you are shocked. You see a changing phenomenon.

The flow of electrons stopped completely. But you feel the power of new energy stored in the atoms of the two parallel iron plates. Sort of, a new battery.

That’s a glimpse of what a capacitor is when viewed from the Ant Man’s point of view. And of course I’m just kidding about the existence of one of those Marvel superheroes. But for the illustration of the electrical phenomenon above, I’m not kidding, that’s what happens to the capacitor.

In fact, a capacitor is just an electrical component consisting idnplay pagcor of two electrical conductors that sandwich an insulator. Therefore the capacitor symbol is shaped like that, which is like two parallel wires giving each other a distance. Blank between the two.

When the capacitor is connected to a DC voltage source, the electric current flowing from the battery will make the capacitor store more charge. At a certain point in time, the capacitor will reach its maximum capacity which is equivalent to the voltage of the battery.

If Q is the capacitor charge, and V is the electric voltage, then the relationship between the two – which is fine – can be said to be comparable like the equation below:

Q \ approx V

Then if we input a standard constant called capacitance (C), then the above equation becomes:

Q = CV

If traced deeper, the capacitance value of a capacitor depends on 3 things: the permissivity value of the dielectric medium used, the surface area of ​​the metal plate, and the distance between the two.

The following is the relationship between these three factors and the capacitance value:

C = \ dfrac {\ varepsilon A} {d}

Then, is it true that the story above states that the capacitor after it is connected to the battery will become a new ‘battery’?

Of course not.

There are some basic differences between a battery and a capacitor. The following include:

Symbol, Successfully Embedding Complicated Things Made Easy Into Our Brains

My body size is arguably quite large. 173 cm tall and weighs almost 80 kg. Every year, my routine Medical Check Up report card states that I am overweight. Fat. But actually it’s  not that  fat, right ?! ?

Honestly, I eat a lot. Stay 3 times a day, but it’s quite a lot for each portion. ?

Well! For business drinking water, too much. In fact, there seems to be too much. If I estimate it can be more than 2 liters per day. Above the amount recommended by doctors on tivi .

As a result?! Of course, what is certain is – as long as I routinely MCU, yes – my kidneys, thank God, are always healthy. But one thing is the consequence: I am beser. ? But a healthy beser, you know, not one because of anything.

So, if one day I just walked in through the door of the mall Tunjungan Plaza Surabaya, I will definitely look at that moment, looking for the symbol below.

If I managed to find the symbol, without thinking, I would definitely go in the direction indicated by the symbol.

Toilet symbol. Symbols that if I, or you see them, don’t need to go to Google to find out what they mean. Anyone will understand.

That is one of the power of symbols, it makes it easier for anyone’s brain idnplay poker99 to memorize anything. The symbol of the toilet, the symbol of a building roof with a crescent moon and star on it, the red and blue colors in the mineral water dispenser, to the symbol made by Jennie Kim’s finger below, surely you will immediately recognize it almost without thinking.

Saranghae …
Symbol is a sign, sign, or word, which indicates, shows, or is understood as a representative of an idea, object, or a relationship. The study of symbols is known as symbology.

Symbols make us think of something that could be very different from the original meaning of the symbols we see. There is sort of a relationship that we understand automatically.

All communication models are derived from the language of symbols. Letters, numbers, math symbols, resistor symbols, coils, turbines, or whatever, all come from the concept of thought that has been given special symbols.

Symbols make it easier for us to memorize things. This is the fact. Let you follow me to digress a little , understand the following case example.

A few days ago I was lucky to have the opportunity to attend a training with the theme of leadership. Luckier still, I can say the trainer, great.

He always seems to be trying to simplify something complicated. So that whatever material he delivers, if it’s complicated, it will definitely be made easy.

His name is Agus Priyadi, a Masters in Psychology from Pontianak who has long migrated to Java.

Long story short, we trainees were asked to fill out a two-page questionnaire containing 40 statement choice questions. In each question number we are asked to choose one of the four options that best suits our personality. Each option is represented by a special symbol, namely ♣ ️ (curly), ♦ ️ (diamond), ♥ ️ (heart), and ♠ ️ (waru). Whichever option we feel is suitable, we just have to put a check mark in the right hand column according to the symbol that represents it.

After filling out the questionnaire, we were asked to total how many ♣ ️ (curls), ♦ ️ (diamonds), ♥ ️ (hearts), and ♠ ️ (waru) we chose. We were also asked to stand and gather with fellow ♣ ️, ♦ ️, ♥ ️, or ♠ ️, according to which number is the most of each participant.

So this is where the show starts. Pak Agus began to explain what our personalities were like.

Starting with us who voted the most ♣ ️. These ♣ ️ people have a straightforward nature, to the point , are quick to make decisions, quickly move on , like to organize , and never apologize.

Oh no ?! I’m part of them . Hahahahaa …

Next up are the people ♦ ️. They are the most exciting, lively, excited, easy going , outgoing, very extroverted, and lots of ideas. ♦ ️ People love to tell stories. They prefer to work outside, meet large numbers of people, rather than work in tight spaces.

Then what about the people ♥ ️? They are sensitive, irritable , gentle, careful, take a long time to make decisions, and often require me time . But their strength is that they are painstaking, always try to do their best when they get an assignment, and are suitable as a place to vent.

And the last one is people ♠ ️. These people ♠ ️ are analysts, they always work based on data, always based on SOP, systematic, thorough and careful. They tend to have a hard time chatting with people ♣ ️, ♥ ️, let alone ♦ ️. But, people ♠ ️ are very comfortable chatting with each other ♠ ️.

Then what exactly are these ♣ ️ (curly), ♦ ️ (diamond), ♥ ️ (heart), and ♠ ️ (waru) people? Here they are.

William Moulton Marston, a psychologist who is also a lawyer, introduced the theory of the four groupings of human characters. Then the theory was further developed by Walter Clarke in 1956 to become what is known as the DISC Assessment. DISC is D ominance, I nfluencer, S teadiness, and C omplience. DISC Assessment is very popular today as a tool to get to know someone’s personality.

And as you might have guessed, that the ♣ ️ people are Dominance, ♦ ️ are Influencers, ♥ ️ are Steadiness, and ♠ ️ are Complience.

But what Mr. Agus did by symbolizing the four DISC characters from the start, made the four characters stuck very strongly into our brains, without having to memorize the real four complicated names. Even a few days after the training is over yet – and maybe up forever – I still deduce a person’s character as ♣ ️, ♦ ️, ♥ ️, or ♠ ️.

That’s the power of symbols. A complex thing can be simplified to make it easier for us to memorize. In fact, it may not be forgotten.

Salute to Mr. Agus Priyadi. Hopefully this useful knowledge will always be blessed and become a multi-level knowledge that continues to provide benefits to many people. Aamiin.

5 Important Innovations in the World of Petroleum Drilling

Drilling for petroleum has been carried out by humans for more than a century and a half. Started by Edwin Drake in 1859 who dug the first oil well in Titusville, Pennsylvania, United States. Since then, petroleum has been processed into kerosene which is used for lighting needs.

The rapid advancement of the automobile industry since the early 20th century has encouraged the oil mining industry to also increase. Worldwide production of crude oil around 1990 was 150 million barrels, increasing rapidly to one million barrels in 1925.

The increase in oil production in the world is also supported by innovations in oil drilling technology. One of the oldest and most widely used technology at that time was the Rotary Drill , which was first introduced in 1880. This technology uses a large rotating drill to dig into the ground.

Rotary Drills are just the beginning of various oil drilling technology idnplay poker 99 innovations that have subsequently been created in the 20th century. These innovations increase efficiency in the petroleum production process.

Here are other modern petroleum drilling technologies:

Before offshore drilling was discovered, oil drilling had been carried out on the seashore since 1880. This technology then developed to be able to carry out offshore drilling for the first time in 1947.

Since then this technology has continued to develop, until furthermore adapting the use of remote robotic vehicles for diving needs. This robot technology is an advantage in itself because diving on the seabed is very dangerous if done by humans.

2. Hydraulic Fracturing

Hydraulic fracturing technology or commonly known as fracking, succeeded in disrupting the petroleum industry by making prices drop dramatically in the mid-2010s. However, it turns out that this technology has actually begun to be developed in the 1940’s.

This fracking technology makes it possible to more effectively extract petroleum reserves in oil wells that are separated by narrow rock structures. The rock structure has a narrow gap which, if sucked directly using old technology, will not get a fast flow of petroleum.

Hydraulic fracturing uses a mixture of water with certain chemical liquid to be injected with a certain pressure into rock structures that trap oil reserves, thus forming a fraction or a crack ( fracture ) which is hundreds of meters higher. To prevent this fraction from returning to its original position, a liquid propane is used which is a mixture of a special fluid, sand, and pellets. With this, trapped petroleum will be easily pumped to the surface.

3. Seismic Imaging

In the past, finding an oil well was quite simple, only looking for soil that spewed oil bubbles. When it was quite easy to find it because there were still many oil wells close to the ground. But of course this method is very ancient, and cannot be used to find oil reserves that are hidden deep in the ground.

One innovation that is also very influential in the world of petroleum drilling is the 3-dimensional seismic imaging technology. This technology uses the principle of sound waves reflected by various types of material surfaces in various directions. The sound signal emitted by the source is directed at the target, which is then picked up by a special device called a geophon. With a sophisticated computerized process, the sound reflection can be translated into a 3-dimensional image that represents the target condition. The system will direct the operator of this tool to shift to a certain location where the image has not been captured properly.

However, this 3-dimensional imaging technology actually only reduces the number of initial drills to prove the existence of oil wells only. Because seismic imaging cannot distinguish between petroleum fluids, or other fluids. Further proof is needed by sampling if using the seimic image it is suspected that new oil reserves have been found.

4. Measurement-While-Drilling Technology

Measurement-While-Drilling (MWD) technology seeks to answer the challenge so that when combined with seismic imaging technology it can be more effective. This MWD technology allows operators to get direct information about the drilling they are doing. The information he can get includes temperature, pressure in the soil, density, magnetic resonance generated by the rocks in the drilling area, and so on. This technology is very important, especially for drilling operators, because they can know whether the drilling they are doing is effective and safe from the dangers of explosion and tool damage.

One technology within MWD that may be particularly interesting is the way the sensors, on the tip of the drill, communicate the information they get to the surface. Instead of using cables that cannot be embedded in a giant drill bit, MWD uses the Mud Pulse Telemetry method.

As the name implies, Telemetry Mud Pulse utilizes the pumped downward mud to catch drilling dust. So, when it comes to the special section of the sensor, it is made to form a binary code pulse pattern in the form of sound, which then when captured by the sensor on the surface it will be translated into many functions.

5. Horizontal Drilling

One advantage of MWD technology is the ability of the operator to be able to point the drill tip in any direction according to the data he receives in real-time. And the development of MWD technology is of course the ability to drill horizontally. Horizontal drilling technology is very important because more oil wells, if only mined vertically, are less effective because they require a longer time.

Horizontal drilling technology has actually been around since 1929, but at that time it was still very expensive so it was not economically effective. It was only when MWD technology was discovered in the 1980s that this horizontal drilling technology was increasingly used.

Best Android Adult Games 2020, Leaks Are Not Entered!

Android adult games do not all offer good graphics like the best HD graphics Android games . But, this is one of the game categories that users are most interested in.

It’s just that you have to understand the basic rules regarding the game rating system , where not all games can be played by everyone because the content is slightly different.

The themes and gameplay that are served by the games that ApkVenue will discuss this time are slightly different from most games.

For you adult gamers, here ApkVenue gives recommendations for Android games that contain adult elements that you can play. Small children can’t read!

Latest & Best Android Adult Games 2020

Well, the definition of adult games here is not only Android love games filled with adult scenes, but they can also fall into the category of 18 years and over because they have elements of violence in them.

Even though it sounds odd, the game that ApkVenue will discuss in this article is actually still very feasible to play.

For those of you who want to know references for downloading the latest and best Android 18+ adult games in 2020, you can read the list below. Here’s the full review!

1. Sexy Academy

Sexy Academy is an Android adult game adapted from the popular Japanese game. This game tells the story of various beautiful female heroes waiting to be collected and ordered by the Summoner Master.

Even though the hero seems sexy, playing this game still requires focus, using good tactics and skills, you know. Therefore, you must be able to rely on your instincts to play it.

Besides that, with the file size that is not that big, you can play this game freely as much as you like. Addictive guaranteed!

2. Sexy Spider

Sexy Spider is actually a card game. Different from other games, this one game requires players to be able to collect and arrange all cards .

Later, you are asked to sort the cards in order from smallest to largest in order to get a good picture.

Take it easy, you will still get an “adult” element through the idnplay88 pictures on the cards. Here later you will find the adult element implicitly!

3. Hot Sexy Girl Darts 3D

Sexy Darts Game 3D is a husband and wife game that is perfect for you lovers of shooting games, aka aiming, but also want to add an “adult” element to it.

Yes, this game challenges you to throw arrows to hit the target with the highest points. You will be invited and accompanied by beautiful girls while playing.

Having elements like the best adventure games on Android , this game is quite challenging and you can use it as well as possible to hone your instincts.

4. Solitaire Sexy Adult Card Games

This game is an Android adult game with the theme of a card game. In this game, you will see various kinds of cardset of beautiful girls.

Basically, this game is almost similar to regular Solitaire. It’s just that, you will widen your eyes when you see the hot pictures .

This game is adjusted according to the difficulty level you want to play. The more complex the level, the more prizes you can get.

6 Fun 18+ Android adult games that kids can’t play

Currently, Android adult games have developed a lot and can be played easily as long as the age is appropriate. Of course, games today should not be played by children who have not met their age limits because they are feared that they will have a bad effect on their psychological development.

As for adults, this game can be used for entertainment and boredom relief.

with good graphics
Casanova series
The first Android adult application that can be played is the Casanova Series. This game contains a story about the journey of a man who wants to conquer the hearts of many women in the game.

The story is quite light and can be enjoyed easily. Men who are talented in ragging and approaching women can be proven by playing this one game.

In terms of appearance, the design is fresh enough to be seen with quite HD quality. The cartoon of the woman is made so mature that it is not suitable for children to play.

Bone Town
Want a very raunchy and mature 18+ game app? Try to play this Bone Town game. From the women’s costumes, you can see the vulgarity.

Small size offline Android adult gameBonetown. (IST)
If you don’t have a problem, maybe you can enjoy every game series and storyline that is in it. But if you don’t have the guts, you should discourage downloading this one game.

This game made in 2008 has flaws in the graphics of every idn poker character in the game. Where the making of the figures is less refined and does not have HD quality.

The Guy Game

Want a guessing game with a different atmosphere and that isn’t boring? Try playing the game The Guy.

This game takes you as if you are in a studio that contains beautiful and handsome women as questioners.

You can also choose a female character as yourself who will play the quiz in it.

The rest is nothing that stands out from this game. In fact, every question that there is is still normal. However, the appearance of the characters presented makes it dangerous for young children to play with.

Playboy: The Mansion

As the name implies, today’s games focus on men who later have to win the hearts of many women in the game.

This game has a goal that the more women you get, the bigger the points it will have as long as other women don’t get caught.

The game is quite relaxed with an easy-to-understand plot.

What makes it forbidden for children to play is the appearance of the woman in the game and also the kissing scene that often appears when the man gets his new partner.

Private Lesson

The next adult game that you must try is the Private Lesson game. This game tells the story of a male teacher who has a beautiful private student in it.

There are many adult vulgar scenes in this one game, making it forbidden to be played by children under the age limit.

In terms of graphics, it is pretty good and is of HD quality so it’s easy to enjoy and doesn’t hurt your eyes.

Sexy Tank

This one game can also be played on your Android where the contents are the shooting of several women with their enemies.

What makes it forbidden to be played by children is the stature of a woman who is made very mature. The rest, there are no vulgar scenes in it.

Those are some good graphic Android adult game applications that can be played to get rid of the feeling of being bored. But don’t forget to keep it away from children.

10 Android Adult Games for 18 Years and Over

Netizens are shocked with exciting videos similar to Gisel artists, which feature adult scenes. Speaking of ‘adult games’, gamers must have been made excited by Android adult games, right?

Since the last week, many netizens have been boisterous about talking about video links for artists like Gisel. Or maybe you are also the one who has seen it and want to share it?

Instead of getting caught and dealing with the law for spreading hot videos, just spill it into adult games on Android devices.

Adult games can be an alternative if you are tired of playing the same games idnpoker,  such as Mobile Legends, PUBGM, Free Fire, etc. In order not to be curious, you should try playing this Android adult game.

But remember, these adult games are only for over 18 years of age, you know. Don’t forget to look around first if you want to play this adult game on Android.

The reason is because the gameplay of today’s games features a lot of sexy scenes and contains violence, and there is also gore.

10 Adult Games on Android
To be able to get games with today’s ads, you can download them from several sources. Apart from the Play Store , you can download on APKpure, Steam, aptoide.

So, if you are curious about today’s games, the Telset Team has prepared recommendations for adult games for Android that you can install immediately .

1. BoneTown

The first adult game recommendation is BoneTown which has similarities with the famous Grand Theft Auto game, so you won’t have any trouble adapting to play this game.

In this game, you can do whatever you want like GTA, but the difference is that BoneTown requires you to raise the vital organs of your character by screwing with the woman you managed to seduce.

2. Playboy The Mansion Hint

Playboy The Mansion Hint
Well, this one is sure you are familiar because it was already booming on PC and PS 2, namely Playboy The Mansion Hint. For those of you who miss, you can play this game again because it is available on the mobile platform .

Today’s Android games you will use Playboy magazine boss Hugh Hefner. This game requires you to manage the most famous hot magazines and interact with other women.

3. Sexy Academy

Sexy Academy
For game fans from Japan, you must see adult games adapted from the popular Japanese game, Sexy Academy, which you can play on the mobile platform, you know.

This game tells the story of a beautiful and sexy heroine who is ready to be ordered by a Master Summoner . Even though the game has a sexy theme, you still have to focus on gameplay and rely on tactics to win.

4. Yareel 3D

Yareel 3D
Want to try anti-mainstream games? You can try Yareel 3D. Games nowadays have been viral and are booming, maybe it is suitable to be tried, who knows, there can be other options.

Yareel 3D is a simulator genre and you can have relationships like husband and wife, plus pretty good graphics and an interesting storyline for you to follow.

5. Hot Sexy Girl Darts 3D

Hot Sexy Girl Darts 3D
The next adult android game is Hot Sexy Girl Darts 3D which is perfect for those of you who like darts games. Apart from the adult genre, the games that are available on this mobile platform can sharpen your instincts.

Hot Sexy Girl Darts 3D requires you to collect the highest points by throwing arrows to hit existing targets and you will be invited and accompanied by beautiful girls while playing.

6. Sexy Girls Spot Difference: Find Game for Adults

Sexy Girls Spot Difference: Find Game for Adults
If you are still lacking the recommendations above, calm down because there is still Sexy Girls Spot Difference: Find Game for Adults. Here you are required to view and choose the differences from each image presented.

This Android adult game in addition to sharpening your carefulness in distinguishing images is also supported by decent graphics for mobile games and you can challenge friends to play this game.

7. RapeLay

The next adult game that is suitable for those aged 18+ is RapeLay. Here you are required to be a stalker or stalker, you can create the women in the game according to your heart.

RapeLay focuses on setting up the station and on the train where you can follow the story. To be a stalker is done in this game, don’t do it in real life.

8. Mortal Kombat

Mortal Kombat
Switching to other adult genres that carry the theme of violence and gore, the first is Mortal Kombat. For those of you who think this game can only be played on console or PC platforms , take it easy because it is now available on smartphones .

Mortal Kombat is a fighting genre game that presents sadistic battles and is not for the consumption of children under 18 years of age because of the many violent scenes and mainstay moves, namely “fatality”.

This fatality is used at the end of a fight to finish off the opponent in an inhuman way so it is natural for adults to play it.

9. Bully: Anniversary Edition

Bully: Anniversary Edition
You can play the game that is very famous on the PS 2 platform on your smartphone. Here the setting is a school and you can explore the school to the city area.

Bully tells of a student named Jimmy Hopkins who is a new student at Bullworth Academy because of his parents’ insistence and you are required to take part in various lessons or just prank and fight with other students, teachers and even the police.

10. GTA San Andreas

GTA San Andreas
The last recommendation for adult games is GTA San Andreas, which you know for sure and have played games from the PS 2 and PC platforms . GTA San Andreas is still suitable for you to play in 2020 and you can play it on the mobile platform.

You will play the main character in this game, namely CJ or Carl Johnson who just got out of prison and completed many missions to see the next story.

This game has a lot of content that cannot be played by minors because of gang wars, using sharp weapons or firearms and even pornography.