List of Poker Deposit Sites Using 5000 – 10000 Credit

Online gambling is the most fun place to bet for online poker lovers in Indonesia. Besides online gambling being easy to play, it turns out that online poker sites also make a breakthrough that is even better. That is one of them that can make online gamblers ambitious by providing credit poker deposits, where all players on the pkv games site can play poker deposits using via credit.

Actually, the transfer breakthrough using pulses has been planned for a long time, only recently it has been implemented to provide convenience. For members who want to make transactions on a credit deposit poker site. But for members who just know, maybe they can immediately enjoy it and for those of you who want to ask why transactions like this occur? below the admin will explain it.

This certainly looks strange to people who live in urban areas situs domino online terpercaya, why do you have to deposit using credit? don’t want to go to the bank is near. Maybe for those of you who live in the city, the distance from your home to the city is very close, but for many people who live in villages who want to play online gambling, it is certainly very difficult to make transactions if you want to go to the city because the distance is very far.

After the presence of deposit poker gambling sites using pulses, now all online poker gambling lovers both in cities and in rural villages can enjoy it, as you know, making credit deposits is not difficult because it is very easy to find it at the nearest couter couter or in surrounding shops.

How to Make Transactions Via Poker Pulsa

So that unwanted things don’t happen, it would be nice if you read how to deposit via credit so that there are no delivery errors. Follow the guidelines provided by the admin, it aims not to harm yourself.

Deposit Using Telkomsel

  • Type * 858 #
  • Then you look for the “credit transfer” menu
  • Enter the destination cellphone number correctly (Make sure the number you entered is correct, guys)
  • Fill in the nominal amount of funds you want to send
  • Choose “yes”
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Deposit Using XL

  • Select the call menu and type * 123 # then “call
  • Send an sms with the format: Divide (space) the destination number (space) the nominal amount of funds you want to transfer, then send it to 168.

In addition, there are other ways you can deposit via credit, namely you can go to the nearest counter to make transactions. You only need to provide the destination number of the poker site that will be sent, after that you only need to ask for the serial number (SN) to the counter.

Terms and Conditions of the Poker Via Credit Deposit System

  • To send via credit, you must first visit live chat to ask for the destination number to be sent.

    Every time you want to make a delivery, it would be better if you ask which destination number you want to send because the destination number can no longer be used.

  • If you have transferred funds, guys, you go back to Livechat to confirm again to the customer service that you have made a poker credit deposit.
  • You don’t need to fill out a fund deposit form, guys, because there is already a customer service party who will help you fill it out.
  • Minimum poker credit deposit starts from 10 thousand – 20 thousand. (each rule has different rules)
    Make sure the account number registered in the account is correct, guys, because for withdrawal of funds (WD) we will send it to the account number registered in the account, not in the form of credit.
  • Credit as a transaction to make a deposit, for withdrawal of funds, it cannot be in the form of credit.
  • Follow the rate (discount) given by the agent. usually the rate given is 0.8% – 0.9% in accordance with the regulations set by the agent.
  • There is no penny for withdrawing funds.