Let’s play cockfighting online with Sbobet88

Cockfighting, which has a close history with the Indonesian people, is now available for stakes in the online world. Cockfighting is known as one of the activities in Bali and has even been discussed by a foreign cultural observer, Clifford James Geertz in his writing entitled Deep Play: Notes on The Balinese Cockfight.

The Cockfighting Game is a game in which two roosters are tamed with artificial weapons. These artificial weapons can be made of bamboo, wood or even sharpened iron. The match is considered finished after one of the roosters loses.

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Now the game can be enjoyed online, making it easier for you without having to go to the cockfighting arena. The way to play Cockfighting Online is that you must first create an account with Sbobet88 to be able to get an ID from S128 sbobetonline, the main dealer that provides online cockfighting games.

When you have registered, you will be given a username and password to access our online cockfighting application.

Terms In Cockfighting Betting

The display inside is quite simple, you will be given a choice of P (left side) or B (right side). The terms P and B themselves refer to a popular casino game, namely baccarat where P stands for Player, B signifies Banker. However, for this online cockfighting gambling, the term does not have any meaning and only indicates which chicken you choose to compete in.

Apart from the terms P and B, there are 2 other terms that must be understood by online cockfighting players. The two terms are FTD (Full Time Draw) and BDD (Both Dead Draw). The term FTD is the meaning of the two chickens avoiding a fight so that it is considered a tie until the time ends. Meanwhile, the term BDD is that both chickens have both fallen and cannot continue the match before the end of Bandar Sbobet Resmi.

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While installing, you will be presented with streaming impressions of rooster owners holding their roosters. While waiting for the match, you can choose which chicken to be your hero.

After the pairs are placed, on your streaming screen you will see the owners of the chickens putting their roosters into the battle arena. The two roosters will fight each other until 1 chicken loses.

If you bet on the winning chicken, then you will win the amount of money you put in. Meanwhile, if you lose, your bet money will be forfeited to pay off the winning bettor.

The fight between the two chickens does not last long and in just a matter of minutes, you will know who the winner is. The advantage of online cockfighting is that this game is broadcast live streaming, so you can ignore any worries about fraudulent gambling practices.

For those of you who like cockfighting games, immediately contact our CS and register yourself as our member and enjoy cockfighting games online on your gadget.