How to Withdraw pkv games or withdraw funds on the Pkv Games server

Hello guys, back to the poker139 website. In the previous article we discussed how to deposit pkv games. For this discussion, the admin will explain how to withdraw pkv games. For that, continue reading until it runs out, guys.

How to Withdraw Pkv Games

Actually, how to withdraw pkv online qq gambling games is very easy, guys. What if you understand how to deposit pkv games. If anyone doesn’t know, it’s okay, guys, here the admin will tell you how.

The first step you need to do is by logging in via a browser to the agent site of the online pkv games site where you play.

2. Then look for the withdraw funds menu next to it, there is a fund deposit form menu.

3. Next, you input the nominal amount of funds you want to withdraw dewa naga poker and input the password for you to log into your account.

4. Finally, you need to click OK, because the withdrawal form will be immediately received by the pkv games gambling agent.

If the withdrawal form has been received by the pkv games online gambling agent faction, you need to wait 3-5 minutes to wait for the funds you withdrew to enter your account. If the funds have not yet entered, you can enter the live chat of the online gambling site where you play to ask customer services that work.

Old Withdrawal Problem In Process

  • Problem From Bank Faction

When you have made a withdrawal, why haven’t the funds entered your account. You don’t need to worry about this because in general, delivery delays are due to bank problems. You need to wait for the bank to return to normal.

  • Purpose Incorrect Account No
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Often times mistakes occur in account numbers, generally it occurs to some beginners (new members) it is a problem when you withdraw funds. When you withdraw it but it can’t be sent because the destination account number is wrong. Because of that, the online gambling poker agent will wait for you to arrive at the live chat and ask for the correct destination account number so that the admin can send your withdrawal of funds.