How To Play Dragon Tiger Very Simply And Clearly

On the following occasion we will share information on how to play dragon tiger very concisely and clearly, of course after knowing this article bettors will be guaranteed to be reliable when betting and increase the win rate substantially.

The dragon tiger game is one of the casino games with a very attractive game appearance because it has a dragon and tiger symbol, besides that it’s very easy to play because it only chooses which part will have the highest value and is declared the winner.

For the first time, so that situs sbobet players can play dragon tiger gambling, it is certain that they must have an official online gambling account on a trusted online gambling site in Asia.

But for those of you who don’t have an online gambling account, you can first prepare personal data to get a live casino account. If you are ready to prepare personal data such as full name, personal email, type of bank, name and account number and also cellphone number, you can immediately register.

After you have an account and have logged in to a registered online gambling site, then you can pay attention to how to play dragon tiger, we will bring you the following.

How to Play Dragon Tiger Guaranteed to Win

By playing online, it will make players more practical without having to go abroad to play, then how to play dragon tiger is guaranteed to win, it is not difficult for players to understand and apply every bet.

So that players can master all games properly and correctly and are guaranteed to win, of course, they must first know the types of bets and prize payments when winning at a table.

Every way of playing dragon tiger has several types of tables and different nominal amounts of bets, so the first time you can determine and choose one of the tables you want according to your capital. situs judi online terbaik

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After that, just click on the casino gambling table, it will automatically enter the table, each table can be played by 2 to 7 bettors once betting there is also a dealer in charge of distributing cards with live streaming.

Surely the dealer or dealer will always help and serve all the players at the table to bet, then there is live streaming, all players can see the game without any indication of cheating.

Here is how to play dragon tiger the easiest to learn, in this article we will explain some of the types of bets and rules in the tiger dragon card.

Several Types of Bets and Rules in the Dragon Tiger Card

Below are some types of bets in how to play dragon tiger, you need to know, including:

  • Dragon pays 1: 1.
  • Tiger pays a 1: 1 win.
  • Tie / Series pay 1: 8.
  • Big Small has a 1: 1 payout.
  • Black and Red for a 1: 1 fee.

Especially for the dragon tiger bet, the choice of big small players, only enough to guess the number ends up big or small on the card, for big numbers that are more than 8 and small numbers that are below 6.

For black and red choices, only guessing whether the card color ends in red and black, because as we all know that the dragon tiger game uses playing card media as a betting process.

The highest value in a dragon tiger card is a King card worth 13 and the smallest is As with a value of 1, then only uses 1 card as a determinant of the result.

That’s all this article about how to play dragon tiger very concisely and clearly, hopefully it is clear and can be applied when betting. Thank you.