In the Blackjack card game, the dealer benefits because the Player will play on the first turn, and the dealer plays on the last turn. In making this bet the player will be given several choices. The choices that players will make in how to play the blackjack card game are as follows:

A Hit option means the player draws one more card. In general situs taruhan bola, a hit is done when the two cards owned by the player are still far from the value 21. Of course by adding cards the player hopes to approach or even the value of our card is worth 21. However, players should consider carefully when making a hit because if it exceeds the value of 21 then the player is determined to lose.


Stand can be done when the player is sure of the card he has and has no desire to add more cards. In other words, the stand is done if the player is sure that his card is able to beat the dealer.


Double down means the player decides to Agen Bola Terpercaya the bet on the cards he has. However, after deciding to double down, the player must take another 1 card and may not add another card in front of him.

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