How to get the online poker jackpot with ease

In online poker card gambling games, of course, many are familiar with the word jackpot or usually many players call it the main prize or side bonus. The jackpot is a prize that is most sought after by online poker players because the jackpot that is obtained has a very large amount of up to millions of rupiah. The goal of online poker agents is to create a game system with a jackpot to attract players and make online poker gambling players even more excited about playing the game. Well, on this occasion we will talk about the jackpot in the online poker gambling game which is quite famous in the world of gambling. Even so, there are still very many players who are confused about the order. For that, please look carefully at the online poker jackpots from the highest to the lowest order:

Get to know the various types of Indonesian online poker jackpots

Royal Flush

The royal flush is the biggest jackpot of all online poker games. You can count from a value of 10 to A with the same flower image, Example 10 ♠ J ♠ Q ♠ K ♠ A erb. Be happy when you get this card combination, because this is the hardest card to get. If you can, the prize you get is 80% of the total prize on the table, for example 50 million, then you will get 40 million.

Straight Flush

Straight flush is a combination of straight and flush, for example the card is 5 ♣ 6 ♣ 7 ♣ 8 ♣ 9 ♣. If you get the jackpot you will get 30% of the total prize on the table. Usually, people who get this prize have gotten a lot of the jackpot results.

Four Of Kind

You will get this jackpot if your card combination pokerdewa99 has the same 4 cards, for example K-K-K-K, 2-2-2-2, 8-8-8-8. For this prize, get 10% of the total prize on the table. For example, at the table there is a total jackpot of 10,000,000, then you will get 10% of it, which is 1,000,000 (1 million).

Full House

While this last jackpot combination is included in the smallest jackpot of the three above, where the prize is not as big as the jackpot that is above. A prize of Rp. 10,000 will be given to players who have a full house combination by buying a jackpot of 1000 rupiah. We take the full house combination, for example: AAA, KK or 10.10, A, A, A and so on.

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Well, from the above discussion you should have understood the types of jackpots that exist and are valid until now. All players will get the same opportunity to be able to feel the prizes from the jackpot above.

How to get the online poker jackpot with ease

Does it all depend on luck or luck to get the biggest poker jackpot? Certainly not, guys, luck is indeed one of the factors that helps you to get the jackpot. But there is also how to get the jackpot easily, guys. So don’t benchmark with luck and try to play a little using the method the admin provides below:

Buy Jackpot Every Spin

The first step you have to do is in each round you have to buy the jackpot. But there is no compulsion depending on the player itself. If you want to increase the potential for getting a jackpot, then always buy the jackpot. The less often you buy the jackpot the less chance you will be able to get it, sometimes many members get the jackpot but don’t even buy the jackpot.

Playing at a small table

If you only want to target the jackpot, we recommend that you play at a small table. So the game opportunities are more so that the chance to get the jackpot is bigger.

Don’t Play Switch Tables

To aim for the jackpot, try not to move tables frequently. This means, don’t just sit down to play 1 to 2 times and come out immediately. Try 10 rounds of the game. Because we don’t know when the jackpot will come out on your seat. Don’t let the time come when you don’t play in that chair.

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