How to deposit or deposit funds on the Pkv Games server

On the first page the admin has briefly explained how to deposit pkv games. Well, in this article, the admin guys will review it more clearly to help you make it easier. How do I add my balance so I can play all the games in it.

But before the admin continues, have some loyal visitors downloaded the old version of pkv games 1.8? Because after the deposit, of course you want to play the game right? For that, please download if not, guys.

How to Deposit Pkv Games

Here are the steps and steps when you want to deposit pkv games:

  • Make sure you have made a cash transfer to the most trusted online pkv games site where you register and play.
  • If you have transferred, after that you enter the site and look for the deposit funds menu.
  • Then you will enter the stage of filling out the form.
    Fill in the form correctly and make sure the nominal you poker dewa qq online input matches your transfer amount.
  • Then click send and the form will be received by the agent faction.
  • Then your funds deposit form will be processed as soon as possible.

Really easy right? admin believes it’s only enough for you to try this pkv game deposit step, then you can do it easily.

How to Deposit Pkv Games Funds Can Be Processed Quickly

It is possible for you for beginners only to know if after making the transfer and have filled in the form because of that the funds will come in quickly. It is true that they are proud to be able to process it quickly because they can immediately play, but there are also people who feel annoyed because the deposit takes so long to be processed. Was that the cause of the agent faction mistake? agent is slow? the procedure worker is slow? everything is not because of this, but there are many things that you need to recognize so that your funding process is not hindered, here is the problem, guys.

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Make sure the bank is online

Before you make a funds transfer, make sure first whether the bank is online or experiencing a problem. If you are online, you can make a gusy fund transfer, but when you are in trouble, it is better if you transfer to another account online so that it can be processed quickly. The opinion of the admin, before you transfer funds, you should first confirm with the agent via the existing livechat.

Make sure to send funds to an active or online account

You need to know that the accounts used by the agent faction can change at any time. So you need to check, gusy, and for more details, you can come directly to the live chat. And you can ask for an active account number. If you send without confirming and suddenly change the bank, the funds will be held or your funds may not be processed again.