Guidelines and How to Play Poker Online

Online poker is a card game that is identical to real money online betting. Poker players at the beginning of the game will get 2 cards and players can place bets to continue the game or close the card if they want to stop. Furthermore, the players will be given 3 cards that are exposed at the poker table. The players will again be given 1 right to place bets or stop. After that one card (4th card) is dealt at the poker table again, the players place bets or stop, and continue with the last card or the 5th card.

Strategy Rules and How to Play Online Poker

Basically online poker players compete to get the biggest card from the 5 card combination agen gaple. So a player can win the game of poker on the first deal of 3 cards or on the second deal (4th card), or the last card deal (5th card). In the 4th and 5th card distribution, poker players still only add up their 5 card combinations.

At the end of the poker game the player whose card combination has the highest value is the winner of the bet. This combination is formed by 5 cards from the 2 owner cards and 3 cards that are in the middle of the game table

Game Card Guidelines and Rules

In the game of poker the player who has the best 5 card combination can win the game. Therefore it must be considered and remember the card order of the poker combination. The order or ranking of a combination of 5 poker cards is as follows.

For the lowest order or combination of cards from online poker games are as follows:

High Card

High Card is the value of the poker card itself. This can be a sequence of cards as well as a picture of a poker card. The order of the smallest to highest cards is 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, J, Q, K, A. For A itself, it can be the highest number can also be the lowest number, namely 1.

As for the type of leaf card also has the lowest order from starting

Diamond / diamond (red),

Clumber / Curly (black),

Love / heart / Heart (red),

Royal / Spade / Shovel (black).

One Pair

The same combination of 2 poker cards For example: you have the same 2 cards as (2-2 or KK)

Two Pair

Combination of 2 pairs of the same poker cards For example: you have the same 2 cards as (2-2 and 10-10 or KK and Ace)

Three of a Kind

The same combination of 2 poker cards For example: you have the same 2 cards as (2-2-2 + Another card or KKK + Another card)

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A combination of 5 poker cards in sequence for example: (10-JQ-King-Ace and 2-3-4-5-6)


A combination of 5 poker cards that have the same suit, for example, all 2 cards you hold and 3 cards on the table have a leaf with a type of Diamond or Love.

Full House

The same combination of 3 cards and 2 poker cards for example (4-4-4 + 2-2 and KK-K + Ace) This Full House is a combination of Three of a kind and Two Pair

Four of a kind

Combination of the same 4 cards plus 1 other card such as: (QQQQ + As or As-As-As-As + Q)

Straigh Flush

5 Card Poker Combinations of the Same Kind and Consecutive Numbers. Straigh Flush card combination This is a combination of Straigh and Flush cards

Royal Flush

The Royal Flush is a combination of 5 poker clashes of the same type and has a consecutive value and this royal flush is the last highest card found in online poker games. The Royal Flush card is a card combination of the same Straigh 10-JQK-Ace and Leaf Flash cards

How to play online poker

The game of poker is basically a card combination game consisting of 2 cards that we have and 5 cards that are on the game table. Who gets the highest card combination value then he is the one who is declared the winner of the bet. The card combination is formed from 5 cards from our 2 cards and 3 cards on the table.

The sequence of card combinations starting with the card whose value is higher will beat the card with the lower value. Card value 2 will lose by 3, 3 lose by 4, 10 lose by J (jack), J lose by Q (Queen), Q lose by K (King), K lose by A (Ace). In poker, A can also be the number 1 if needed, which means the lowest score.

The highest card value regardless of the card combination will lose

One Pair. One Pair loses by Two Pair,

Two Pair loses to Three of a Kind,

Three of a Kind lost to Straight,

Straight loses with Flush,

Flush loses to Full House,

Full House lost to Four of a Kind,

Four of a Kind loses to a Straight Flush,

Straight Flush loses to Royal Flush.

The Royal Flush is the highest value in the game of Poker.

The Player with the Highest Score will get all bets if there are two players who have the same value and card combination. Then the bet will be divided into 2 for the two winners. Those are some guides on how to play online poker. Hopefully this article can help all of you who want to try the online poker game.