Good Day Lucky Direction to Play Gambling Based on Javanese Neptu

Online gambling is one of the games using real money which is very popular, especially in Indonesia. Online gambling games are done to make money faster, that is the main goal of gamblers. So that every bettor wants to find a way how to play online gambling to win the game. Whether it starts from logical things such as tricks to play online gambling or things that are outside human logic, such as the direction of playing gambling that can bring good luck when playing.

For those of you who don’t believe it, you can not continue reading the article. For those of you who believe you can continue reading this article until it’s finished, guys. The admin will thoroughly discuss the direction of luck to play gambling.

How to Calculate a Good Day Based on the Javanese Neptu Formula

Neptu Jawa Is a calculation of the value of the day value taking situs agen poker terpercaya and the Java market. The calculation of the day we usually know is Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday. Unlike the Javanese market day, they call it pahing, pon, wage, kliwon, and regi. Then from the usual day it will be combined with market day which is referred to as Weton.

You can see how to calculate the direction of gambling based on the day you can see from the table above, guys. For example, if you play on Friday with the kliwon market then you just have to look at the value which you can add up, Friday (6) + (8) the total kliwon is 14. So from these results you can determine a good day for your own card gambling.

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Lucky Direction for Playing Gambling Based on Neptu

If you have gotten the results from the usual day by market day. Then you can determine the direction to play gambling based on the lucky day for you. the following below:

The result of Friday Kliwon was 14, it’s time we look at the table and determine the direction to play the luckiest gambling, namely you sit in the south or you can also sit facing south.

That’s the discussion about prima donna gambling, for those of you who have read this article to the end, you can practice it if you don’t try it, then we won’t believe it. Good luck, my boss.