Get to know the terms in the game Black Jack

The Blackjack card game may be familiar to the general public because of the uncomplicated and simple way of playing Blackjack that makes Blackjack acceptable to various groups. No doubt, Blackjack is one of the most popular games to play because of its easy-to-understand gameplay. If you understand this game, it’s not too difficult to play and win it.

The main objective or motto to win Blackjack is to get cards up to a value of 21. Unlike other card games, in blackjack card games players only need to compare the player’s cards with the dealer’s cards.

If the Player has a card with a value that exceeds the value of 21 then the player will be deemed to lose even though the dealer’s card also exceeds the value of 21 and the winner sbobet casino of this game is determined from the owner of the card with the highest value but lower or equal to 21. For example, the player’s card is only worth 19 and the dealer’s card is only 15 then the player is determined to be the winner in the game because the value of the player’s card which is worth 19 is closer to the value of 21 than the dealer who only has a card worth 15.


Furthermore, the rules of the Blackjack card game that must be known are the card values. As we already know, the card value cannot exceed 21 so if you don’t know the value on the card, it will be difficult to play the Blackjack card game. The value on Blackjack can be seen from the value printed on the card. For example a Spade card has a value of 5, then the value of the card is worth 5 and a curly Agen Bola Resmi is 7 then the value of the card is worth 7.


Then for Jack, Queen and King cards have the same value, namely 10. While the Ace has two values, namely 1 or 11. The holder or owner of this card can determine the value of the card according to conditions and circumstances. For example, if the player already has a card value of 20 and gets an ace card then the player will determine the value of the aces to be 1, it will be worth 21. If he determines the value of the aces to be 11 then the value of the cards owned by the players will be worth 31 and exceed the value of 21.