Game Streaming will be Popular 2021

Play games on smartphones is predicted to experience a revolution this year. A number of game developers began to provide streaming services to play games on mobile phones.

Playing the game in streaming will allow players to live broadcast the game in real-time . Players also don’t need a PC, only smartphones that meet the specifications.

Launching Tech Radar , Monday (4/1), Microsoft xCloud is one of the companies that started providing smartphone game streaming services. Players can stream Xbox games directly to the phone.

Players can play Halo 5, Sea of ‚Äč‚ÄčThieves, and Gears 5 with an agen poker terpercaya Xbox One controller attached to the phone running the game. Microsoft also promised that more than 150 Xbox One games will be playable on xCloud when it actually launches.

Additionally, Google Stadia has let customers stream games on Android and iOS mobile devices. Nvidia GeForce Now does the same.

The bottleneck for streaming games via mobile is connectivity. Stadia recommends a connection of 10Mbps and below to use the base resolution. Meanwhile, with a 35Mbps connection you can play in 4K HDR.

Citing Venture Beat , Google, Microsoft, Sony, Amazon, Nvidia, Shadow, and Facebook have all moved to cloud-based game streaming. Microsoft has launched an Xbox Game Pass subscription in hopes of following in the footsteps of Netflix, which began targeting games after mastering streaming movies and TV shows.

Former MIT Media Lab director Nicholas Negroponte said gaming or movie streaming was very profitable. Strategically, such services could be a way of pooling consumers and concentrating the power of media in the hands of one company with one subscription.

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