Evolution and Classification of Electronic Games in Indonesia

The more we move towards modernization, the demands of various aspects of life are felt to be heavier by many people. As a result, this has resulted in high levels of stress in people in various circles. To avoid excessive stress, we need time to rest or refresh, such as taking a walk, reading a book, playing, etc. As technology develops, the games we play have become more and more diverse. From games that used to be hide and seek, cat and mouse, playing tops and so on. Now the game has turned into a digital game. Playing games (interactive electronic games) has become a popular means for them to escape from the burdens of life.

Games or what we often call games are activities carried out to entertain ourselves from feeling bored. Along with the development of science and technology in this modern era, various types of games are circulating. Not only for refreshing, but the game application has become a very large industrial business. Games that used to be associated with childhood have caught the attention of teenagers and even adults today. Game means “entertainment”. Game play also refers to the meaning of “intellectual playability”. Meanwhile, the word “game” can be interpreted as an arena for players’ decisions and actions. There are targets that the players want to achieve. Intellectual agility, to some degree,

According to Alan Shiu Ho Kwan (2000), there are at least six factors poker deposit pulsa that underlie someone playing games: the offer of freedom, diversity of choice, attractiveness of gam elements, interface, challenges and accessibility. Based on the above understanding, we can conclude that almost all humans must have even liked games.

Games are actually very important for human brain development. A human being will start to think if he is faced with a problem. Meanwhile, in a game, we are faced with various kinds of problems and we are required to solve them in such a way that we can solve or even win the games we play. The many circulating games nowadays have become a common phenomenon in the view of society. The spread of the video game phenomenon is inseparable from the ease and cost of accessing this virtual gaming device. Without even having a device, users (gamers) are spoiled by the presence of various rentals selling both play stations and online games. Children and adolescents are familiar with various video game devices, including arcade, console,

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Recently, a lot of research has shown the negative impact of playing games, especially on children, be it on computers, consoles or various gadget devices. This of course makes a lot of parents worry and anxious. But on the other hand, there are groups that say playing has a positive impact that is no less important. The following are positive and negative impacts and solutions circulating in society.

Online games or so-called online games are a type of computer game that utilizes a computer network (LAN or internet), as the medium. Usually online games are provided as additional services from online service providers or can be accessed directly through the system provided by the company that provides the game.

According to Andrew Rollings and Ernest Adams, online gaming is more accurately described as a technology, rather than as a game genre; a mechanism for connecting players together, compared to certain patterns in a game (Rolling & Adams, 2006: 770). Online games are of many types, from simple text-based games to games that use complex graphics and form a virtual world that is occupied by many players at once.

In online games, there are two main elements, namely the server and the client. The server administers the game and connects the client, while the client is a game user who uses the server’s capabilities. Online games can be called part of social activity because players can interact with each other virtually and often create virtual communities.