Entertainment “online” games were most powerful during the coronavirus outbreak

Along with the appeal to work from home and reduce gathering activities, many people have turned to looking for activities in cyberspace for entertainment during the corona outbreak.

Sensor Tower, an app analytics firm, saw a jump in online game downloads for mobile to 4 billion downloads globally, up sharply from the previous year’s 2.9 billion.

The largest spike of 46 percent, equivalent to 1.6 billion downloads, occurred in February in the region, to coincide with the outbreak of the coronavirus that is expanding beyond China.

Quoted from various sources, the largest increase in online game downloads came from China, originally online game enthusiasts had free time to play games on their cellphones during the Chinese New Year holidays which fall between January and February every year.

The Chinese government decided to increase the time for holidays poker qq as well as quarantine to reduce the spread of the corona virus in the country.

China asked factories, schools and shops not to operate for a certain period of time and asked their citizens to be at home during the outbreak.

Residents there, especially in heavily affected cities like Wuhan, work and do activities at home, online games are their choice to fill that time.

The app analysis institute App Anie said the most popular games during the corona outbreak were puzzle games such as “Brain Out” and the war game “Honor of Kings”.

The game “Honor of Kings” is estimated to rake in 2 billion yuan at the start of the Lunar New Year holiday season.

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Game developers responded to the corona virus outbreak in various ways, Niantic adjusted several rules in the Pokemon GO game to keep it interesting to play alone.

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The Pokemon GO game requires players to explore a lot on foot to play with other players.

During the current corona outbreak, Niantic reduced the distance needed to hatch Pokemon eggs.

Game tournaments

Large companies such as Apple Inc and Google canceled their annual meetings or changed the format of the event to online conferences due to concerns over the spread of the coronavirus.

The Pro League of Legends in China had to change events and tighten their policies for the tournament which took place on March 9.

To be able to play in the tournament, organizers require athletes to quarantine for 14 days and consult a local doctor.

Even though it has gone through quarantine, the league is still held online, no longer in an arena attended by spectators. Athletes play from their respective bases.