Easy to Do, Online Game Ice Breaker Collection for Webinars!

The success of the online event is seen from the first second the event starts. That’s why online ice breaker is the first opportunity to build a connection with the participants.

Below you can find an online ice breaker / game for webinars that are easy to do but still fun & exciting. Good luck!

Guess the Sentence

This online ice breaker requires two people to be a game guide. The 1st person is in charge of acting out the sentence that must be guessed. To make it easier, that person only needs to activate the mute mode and the camera when talking. With that, the words that were spoken were the movements of his mouth clearly but the voice could not be heard. The second person is in charge of being the moderator, which is to appoint the person who raised himself first to guess the sentence.

Connect the word

The game can be very easy to do, it can even be done via the chat feature. The way is for the moderator to provide one word first, then the last letter of the word must be made a new word. You can use a theme to make this online ice breaker even more exciting. For example the theme of the names of countries in the world, the first word is France. The game continues, the last letter of French is S, so the follow-up answers are Siberian, Arabic, Dutch, Argentinian, and so on.

Guess the song

Let’s have fun using a song first! To do an online ice breaker to guess the song, prepare a presentation / slide that displays the song lyrics, read it without tone, then the participants have to judi qq online guess the title of the song. There are also other methods that you can try, instead of guessing the song, the participants must continue the lyrics listed. To make it even more fun, when you tell the right answer, prepare a video clip of the song to play.


Wrong or right

Games for False or True webinars are easy to do and are a fun way to add new knowledge. This online ice breaker is perfect for doing workshops / webinars. Find unique facts related to the workshop / webinar topic. For example, your website is about writing, then you look for the facts on how many words there are in the Harry Potter novels. Prepare 5-10 facts for the participants to guess. Adjust the number of facts with the duration of the event.

The excitement of an online ice breaker / game for this webinar can be used as a way for you to promote the event too. Invite participants to record the excitement of the event and upload it to social media. Participants with the most attractive uploads can give you a ticket for the next event.

So, what about event creators? Are you ready to make your online event even more exciting with the online ice breaker above?

Inserting time for ice breakers / games serves to build connections with event participants. Pay attention to the duration for online ice breakers, a maximum of 30 minutes is enough so it doesn’t drag on. Come on, make an online event now!