Dice or Sicbo Casino Gambling is Very Popular in Indonesia

Did you know that playing dice online is one of the most popular casino gambling in Indonesia that uses dice as a game medium? Sicbo online game is also very popular among the whole community due to an easy way to play casino online terpercaya where you are given the opportunity to determine what number will appear after the dice is rolled. If your guess is correct, you will be paid according to your bet type.

Due to the large number of enthusiasts, now there are many online betting houses that offer online dice gambling services on online betting sites. Just by searching on the Google search engine, you can access online dice game services. Easy enough, right?

Here are some types of bets in the online Sicbo gambling game:


This online dice game gives you the opportunity to bet by selecting the number that will come out of the three dice to be shaken. In this bet there are not many wins, like a game of doubles or threes. Example: You bet on number 6, and after shaking the numbers that come out are (2-4-6), (2-3-6), (6-1-3) so you have won because you got number 6.


Unlike the individual bet, in this double player bet, you have to bet to select the number that will come out, at least 2 dice after being shaken. Example: Bet on 6, then to win you must get 2 dice with 6 numbers such as (6-6-3), (6-1-6), (2-6-6), therefore, you have won the bet


This is a bet that requires you to guess the total of three dice that come out after being shaken. Example: the number of three dice to shake is 4 or 17, 5 or 16, 6 or 15, 7 or 14, 8 or 13, 9 or 12, or 10 or 11. You are required to bet one individual bet, each I sure you have a different win ratio.

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Combined Bet

Combined bets differ from specific individual bets in that they can only be individual bets. Usually, these combined dice bets give you the opportunity to place bets on not just one number, but you can place bets on two different numbers that will come out after the dice are Agen Judi Bola.

Example: You make a bet on numbers 2 and 6, and the number that comes after the shuffling is (2-5-5), then you will lose. The amount needed to win is (2-6-4) where there are 2 numbers to bet on.

There are also combined bets that place bets of the double or single type. In this combination, you have to predict two numbers that are the same and the number that will come out after the dice is rolled. Example: Place a double 6 and a single 5 bet, then you have to get a number (6-6-5) to win.

And the most difficult thing is the combination of three simple dice, which requires you to guess three numbers that will come out. According to the high difficulty level, the combination of these three individual matches also has the highest prize for you to win.