Characteristics of Fraud Online Poker Gambling Sites

In fact, to distinguish cheating and trusted online poker gambling sites is not difficult, guys, it’s just that maybe those of you who are new to joining online gambling sites may not be able to distinguish which of the best online gambling sites and fake online gambling sites. For that, here the admin will provide the characteristics of a con artist gambling site.

  • Has a site appearance that is not clear and unpleasant to look at.
  • Customer service is very slow and unprofessional in serving members.
  • Only provide a few banks on the site approximately 3-4 banks.
  • The age of the site is still new that has not been up to 1 year.
  • The transaction process is very long, both deposits and withdrawals.
  • Have bots and admins playing on the game table.
  • It promises a huge bonus that is beyond common sense.
  • Do not have other contacts that can be contacted such as whatsapp, line, and other social media.

By reading some of the characteristics listed above, you can certainly avoid scam online poker 99 sites. And of course, playing on a site that is indicated as a scam online gambling site will make your playing experience even more uncomfortable and feel afraid in playing online poker gambling. In addition to the characteristics of fraudulent gambling sites, admins also provide points for trusted online gambling sites.

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