Cause You Cannot Enter Your Screen Name Pkv Games

Have you registered at pkv games? And you have even made a fund transfer and filled in the fund deposit form. But you are constrained in filling in the name of the pkv games screen. Indeed, the admin finds many new members who join very difficult in filling in the screen name or usually called the name of the pkv games table.

Pkv Screen Name Must Be Unique

In filling the Pkv screen name, you must fill it as uniquely as possible. The method is very easy, guys, the way you fill in is by combining letters and numbers. This will make it easier to create a screen name which will then be used to play on the table. Why must it be filled in uniquely? Because there are so many players who join the pkv server. So for this name can only be used one and cannot be used twins. So if you have previously used the name by poker99 deposit pulsa someone else, then the name cannot be used again by anyone. If the name is already used, a statement “name is not available” will appear.

Screen Name Cannot Be Changed Again

You need to remember, for making the pkv screen name, it is hoped that you will use the correct name you want to use because the name that has been created cannot be changed again, guys. If you want to change the table name, it means that you have to register a new account in order to use the name you want.

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Don’t Use Punctuation

For Pkv screen names, you cannot use punctuation marks such as periods (.), Commas (,) or spaces and so on. So even though you have used a unique name but there are punctuation marks, the name you created will not work. The admin can provide examples of unique names that you might use. For example ins0mn1a897, p0rt4l789, n3rak4019 and so on.

NB: For the screen name that is different from the user ID, the screen name is the table nickname that you will use when you sit at the game table. So to make a screen name you don’t have to use the same name as your login user id. This is useful for other people not easily knowing your user id.