Playing Games Too Enthusiastic Can Cause Stroke? This is the reason

Playing games is no longer just entertainment in my spare time. In this digital age, playing games for some people can be a talent, which can lead to achievement and even become a profession. However, just as with anything that is bad if it is too much, playing games is no different.

The bad effects of playing games that are too much and too enthusiastic befall a 25-year-old man from India, Harshal Memane. Based on information from Indian Express, Memane, who liked the PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds or PUBG game, had to be rushed to the hospital, because he had bleeding in the brain while playing the game .

Unfortunately Memane breathed his last in the middle of treatment. The brain hemorrhage experienced by Memane is medically called intracerebral hemorrhage, which is a type of stroke that can endanger life, due to bleeding in the brain tissue. That is what ultimately made Memane’s life unsaved.

Is It Really Just Caused By Playing Games?

From Memane’s case, it is known that he had a stroke while playing the PUBG game . However, does this disease really only occur due to playing games that are too enthusiastic? The answer, not necessarily. Because, there has been no research that has significantly proven the link between the two.

After all, there are quite a lot of factors that can cause stroke, so poker88 it is difficult to conclude one factor as the main cause of this disease. Medically, stroke is described as a disease that occurs due to malfunctioning of brain tissue and a lack of blood flow and oxygen to a part of the brain.

Some of the things that can trigger a stroke are:

Genetic factors. The existence of family members who have a history of this disease.

Smoking habit.

Obesity or overweight.

Have Atrial Fibrillation.

Are over 65 years of age.

Have chronic diseases, such as hypertension, diabetes and high cholesterol.

Have a transient ischemic attack (TIA) , or what is often called a mild stroke.

Have a heart attack. This can increase the risk of having a stroke.

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It should also be noted that stroke is divided into 2 types, namely ischemic (blockage) and hemorrhagic (bleeding). In Memane’s case, it is known that the stroke that occurred was a hemorrhagic type, namely the bleeding in the brain tissue. Hemorrhagic stroke generally occurs in people with high blood pressure or hypertension.

Therefore, it can be said that Memane’s stroke was not caused solely by playing games that were too enthusiastic. He may have had high blood pressure before, which was uncontrolled. As mentioned earlier, high blood pressure, and other chronic diseases that are not well controlled and managed, can lead to stroke.

The Importance of Having a Healthy Lifestyle

Because various chronic diseases such as hypertension, diabetes, and high cholesterol can increase the risk of stroke, people with these diseases need to be more vigilant. Especially in terms of eating patterns and healthy lifestyles. Regarding diet, it is important to have the right settings, so that blood pressure, cholesterol, and blood sugar are controlled.

Foods that are high in saturated fat and salt should really be cut back. This is because foods high in fat can build up cholesterol in the arteries and lead to obesity. Meanwhile, foods with high salt levels can make fluids trapped in the blood vessels, so blood pressure can be high.

Therefore, people who suffer from hypertension must have a low salt diet. The recommended amount of salt intake per day is 6 grams or one teaspoon. However, sometimes weighing the amount of salt consumed can be difficult, as many foods (such as canned foods) contain “implied” salt.

To make it easier, you can consult a nutritionist on the Halodoc application . Why should Halodoc ? Because there are so many doctors who are ready to help you in setting the right daily diet, anytime and anywhere. So, don’t forget to download the application on your cellphone now!

Apart from maintaining a diet, having other healthy lifestyles is also important, you know. Don’t forget to exercise regularly every day and be active, so that your body stays fit and in shape. Especially if you are a person who likes playing games. Don’t be so engrossed in playing that you forget to exercise, OK!

One of the entertainment that many people choose during a pandemic is playing online games

Playing exciting games in the Mobile Premier League (MPL) can be a solution to overcome boredom at home due to the pandemic.

Considering that the current distribution rate is still high, the government is still implementing PSBB (Large-Scale Social Restrictions) in several regions in Indonesia.

Residents in Indonesia are expected to comply with the PSBB regulations by carrying out activities at home and complying with health protocols regulated by the Government.

Country Head of MPL Indonesia, Ridzki Syahputera said that the mechanism for playing games in MPL can be said to have not existed in Indonesia before.

So it can be said that MPL presents a new concept in the Indonesian game market.

“In MPL, in addition to the players being able to hone their playing situs qq terbaik skills, hand coordination, eye coordination and strategy battles, they can also collect the winnings in each tournament which is followed to become a balance at Gopay / LinkAja. That way they can immediately enjoy the real results of their hard work. “Said Ridzki Syahputera .

Ridzki explained that there are various game choices in MPL such as Fruit Dart, Archery and Football which can be categorized as casual games or there are also classic games such as Bloxsmash which are similar to Tetris, Pool or billiards and also conventional chess games. No less interesting are Onet, TTS & XOXO Mania, which are the work of local games developers.

One form of entertainment that many people choose during this pandemic is playing online games which reached 16.5% based on data released by the Indonesian Internet Service Providers Association (APJII) on November 9, 2020.

Even based on data obtained from the Newzoo Global Games Market Report 2020, the amount of revenue from mobile gaming globally in 2020 increased by 13% and for online game players alone will exceed 3 billion players by 2023.

Meanwhile, based on data from Statista, there are 50.8 million mobile game users in 2020. This cannot be separated from the impact of the work from home (WFH) policy and studying at home.

As a result, the use and download of online game applications has increased, and is even predicted to increase by 21.6 percent in 2025.

This is also what underlies MPL to launch a marketing campaign through TV commercials at the end of 2020 to introduce MPL as a reward-based mobile game application with more than 30+ game choices and fantasy features.

All available games will test the player’s dexterity, the player will be asked to compete and the winner will get a reward named “Victory Diamond.” The winning diamond can be exchanged directly into GoPay and LinkAja electronic money balances!

If you run out of credit and you feel uncomfortable leaving the house, don’t worry! Because in the MPL Mall feature you can buy credit by using Victory Diamonds. How to buy it is very easy, just enter the “Pocket” feature then select the provider and immediately confirm the purchase using the Victory Diamond. These diamonds can also be used to buy electricity tokens, credit vouchers, and game vouchers.

Towards the end of this year, when we can’t vacation with friends and family like the previous year, playing games can be a “entertainment” solution. Playing games in MPL is also an alternative to get fantastic rewards during a pandemic.

Easy to Do, Online Game Ice Breaker Collection for Webinars!

The success of the online event is seen from the first second the event starts. That’s why online ice breaker is the first opportunity to build a connection with the participants.

Below you can find an online ice breaker / game for webinars that are easy to do but still fun & exciting. Good luck!

Guess the Sentence

This online ice breaker requires two people to be a game guide. The 1st person is in charge of acting out the sentence that must be guessed. To make it easier, that person only needs to activate the mute mode and the camera when talking. With that, the words that were spoken were the movements of his mouth clearly but the voice could not be heard. The second person is in charge of being the moderator, which is to appoint the person who raised himself first to guess the sentence.

Connect the word

The game can be very easy to do, it can even be done via the chat feature. The way is for the moderator to provide one word first, then the last letter of the word must be made a new word. You can use a theme to make this online ice breaker even more exciting. For example the theme of the names of countries in the world, the first word is France. The game continues, the last letter of French is S, so the follow-up answers are Siberian, Arabic, Dutch, Argentinian, and so on.

Guess the song

Let’s have fun using a song first! To do an online ice breaker to guess the song, prepare a presentation / slide that displays the song lyrics, read it without tone, then the participants have to judi qq online guess the title of the song. There are also other methods that you can try, instead of guessing the song, the participants must continue the lyrics listed. To make it even more fun, when you tell the right answer, prepare a video clip of the song to play.

Wrong or right

Games for False or True webinars are easy to do and are a fun way to add new knowledge. This online ice breaker is perfect for doing workshops / webinars. Find unique facts related to the workshop / webinar topic. For example, your website is about writing, then you look for the facts on how many words there are in the Harry Potter novels. Prepare 5-10 facts for the participants to guess. Adjust the number of facts with the duration of the event.

The excitement of an online ice breaker / game for this webinar can be used as a way for you to promote the event too. Invite participants to record the excitement of the event and upload it to social media. Participants with the most attractive uploads can give you a ticket for the next event.

So, what about event creators? Are you ready to make your online event even more exciting with the online ice breaker above?

Inserting time for ice breakers / games serves to build connections with event participants. Pay attention to the duration for online ice breakers, a maximum of 30 minutes is enough so it doesn’t drag on. Come on, make an online event now!

Indonesian Startup Games, Bring Local Games to the International Scene

Who would have thought that gaming could be such a promising industry? In fact, now several game startups have appeared in Indonesia, you know.

In fact, in the past the game world had never received serious attention. Games are only considered for leisure or weekend entertainment .

Currently, the Indonesian game industry continues to grow. Many people are starting to take this area seriously.

Well, in this article, Glints will thoroughly discuss various things related to game startups .

Glints will also explain the development of game startups in Indonesia and a list of their companies.

Immediately, let’s see the following explanation!

About 15 years ago, you may not have heard that there are people who are serious about becoming a player a game or gamers.

Games have always been seen as a waste of time, worthless and unprofitable entertainment.

However, in recent years, this opinion has been successfully rejected by many parties.

Many people then turn the game from just a hobby into a promising business judi ceme online.

In fact, some of them have succeeded in establishing game startups in Indonesia.

However, before discussing it further, what exactly is a game startup ?

When viewed from the origin of the word, startups are new companies established by one or more entrepreneurs to develop unique products or services, as written by Investopedia .

So, when combined, a gaming startup means a company that was just founded to develop the world of games or games.

The majority of game start-ups focus on developing new games , both for smartphone versions (iOS and Android), computers, websites, and consoles (Nintendo and PlayStation).

However, there are also startups that focus more on developing e-sports teams and holding gaming events .

The list of Indonesian game startups continues to grow until now. All of them are trying to dominate the local and foreign markets.

The game industry is part of the country’s creative industry .

Compared to other businesses, gaming is one of the fastest growing fields.

The reason is, quoted from Antara , Indonesia is in the 16th position in the world and the first in Southeast Asia in the global gaming market.

In detail, there were 43.7 million game players in Indonesia in 2017.

The potential income reaches US $ 880 million (around Rp. 11.9 trillion).

However, despite the large market growth, domestic-made games are only around 0.4% of the games sold in Indonesia.

In addition, according to data from the Indonesian Game Association (AGI) as reported by Suara , only 8% of game revenue goes to Indonesian companies.

Therefore, now many Indonesians are starting to pay attention to the game industry . They have a mission to advance the Indonesian game industry .

Not surprisingly, now the list of Indonesian game startups continues to grow.

According to the AGI Program Manager Ardhan Fadhlurrahman, local games have shown no less performance than foreign games in the last 5 years, as quoted by Bisnis .

However, most game startups still target overseas markets, such as Europe, the United States, and China.

The reason is, the majority of the domestic game market is free to play players .

Usually, these games are made by large companies with complex manufacturing processes. In addition, the production and promotion costs are also large.

However, Indonesian game startups are still trying to develop games for the local market.

1. Agate Studio
Agate Studio is an Indonesian game startup from Bandung which was founded in 2009.

In the following year, Agate launched a game called Earl Gray and This Rupert Guy. The game is downloaded by more than one million people in the world within a week.

Then in February 2011, Agate launched the Football Saga which can be played on Facebook.

After three weeks of launch, the game had 10,000 active users.

With this achievement, Agate has successfully entered the list of Indonesian game startups that collaborate with international developers , such as Square Enix and Chillingo, which are under the auspices of Electronic Arts (EA).

2. Touchten Games
Touchten Games is included in the list of Indonesian game startups that have successfully received series-B financing.

This Jakarta-based startup has succeeded in developing a number of games that are well-known abroad, such as Train Legend, Ramen Chain and Infinite Sky.

3. Own Games
Have you ever heard of or even played the popular Tahu Bulat game in 2016? At that time, Tahu Bulat had topped the top ladder of the Google Play Store, you know.

Yes, Own Games is the game developer behind the game .

This Bandung- based startup has five members, namely Edwin Viriya, Jevfin Viriya, Agustin, Ray Naldo and Septian.

Apart from Tahu Bulat, Own Games has also released several other games , including Agent Dodge, Own Pet Dragon and Own Super Squad.

4. Toge Productions

One of the game- his most famous being Infectonator .

Until now, Infectonator has been downloaded more than one million times on smartphones.

Apart from these games , this production studio has also developed several other games , such as Rage in Peace, Magicat and Rising Hell.

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From the explanation above, the development of game startups has been proven to help advance the Indonesian game industry . In fact, the list of game startups in Indonesia continues to grow.

Now, the gaming industry can no longer be underestimated. This industry is very promising, it can even bring the good name of the nation to the international level.

So, are you interested in getting into this industry?

If interested but still unsure, you can ask the Company Culture Glints Community channel .

There, there are many other Glints users and professionals ready to discuss job desc and the gaming industry’s work environment .

So what are you waiting for? Come on, sign up and start discussing!

7 Free Android Games with Cool Graphics

When it comes to playing games, so far there are still many gamers who prefer to play free games. Now free games are not always synonymous with pirated games because many of the official free games available are games for Android smartphones.

So many games available for smartphones makes gamers always want something more. Not only the gameplay but also the graphic quality. Looking at the specifications of a smartphone that offers a gaming experience, it is now even more sufficient for high graphics.

That’s why more and more mobile gamers or gamers on smartphones bandarqq are looking for games that are not just fun in terms of gameplay but also cool graphics that spoil the eye. Here is has summarized seven free Android games that have cool graphics.

1. Call of Duty Mobile

Tencent’s CoD Mobile is already very popular. This game, which is part of Activision’s Call of Duty franchise, offers first person shooter (FPS) gameplay with various modes.

Since the beginning, this game has promised a quality mobile game that is no less exciting than the PC and console versions.

2. PUBG Mobile

The PUBG Mobile game, which is also created by Tencent, is well known as a battle royale game with cool graphic quality, so this game is often one of the tests of smartphone performance when playing games.

3. Asphalt 9: Legends

Just like PUBG Mobile, the racing game Asphalt 9: Legends is a game that is also used as an indicator of the performance of playing a smartphone game. This racing game by Gameloft tries to present stunning graphic quality with vehicle details that are very similar to the original.

4. Honkai Impact 3

Fans of games with the theme of Japanese animation characters will really like Honkai Impact 3. This game carries the RPG genre but with attractive female characters because they can respond when we touch our fingers to the screen.

Here the Honkai Impact game characters are created with a three-dimensional visual style. So it presents a character who was born alive and able to communicate with.

5. Mobile Legends: Bang Bang

This one game is familiar. In order to present the MOBA gameplay to the mobile version, aka the smartphone, Moonton continues to develop the graphic quality of this game, starting from the characters to the visual effects of the attacks launched by the characters.

6. Arena of Valor

This MOBA game by Tencent is one of the serious competitors of Mobile Legends: Bang Bang. Even though they carry the same gameplay, both of them compete to present the best graphic quality, especially those that come with new characters and different types of attacks.

7. Black Desert Mobile

Even though the name Black Desert Mobile is only known by some mobile gamers, this game that carries the MMORPG genre is not a new game. Its name was already known when it first appeared on the PC platform to enliven online games before the era of popular mobile gaming, so the graphics quality has been optimized to the maximum.

Children Addicted to Games, How to Overcome It?

The development of technology today, of course, makes it easier for us in various ways, including for entertainment (in the form of videos, films or games ). Currently, many teenagers, even children, spend their time playing games via smart phone devices or personal computers (PCs) 

All children, boys or girls have the potential to be addicted to playing games, but according to research conducted by Herman Nirwana & Nurul Jannah (Padang State University), it is stated that game addiction in boys is higher than girls. This is because boys tend to have a desire to beat, and this makes him feel addicted to play continuously. In the context of traditional gender construction, parents do not burden boys to do household chores (domestic), and this burden is only given to girls, so that in addition to girls not having enough time to play, they also get restrictions on types of games (not as free as boys).

There are a number of impacts on gaming, one of which is a positive impact, among others, it can help reduce stress, make new friends, entertainment, and can even help improve foreign language skills. So what makes playing games such a bad impact, especially on children? By playing games, they tend to do less movement which over time makes their motor system decrease and can lead to obesity. In addition, it can cause damage to the eye (because it is too long to stare at the screen of a cellphone or laptop that causes eye fatigue and can even cause minus eyes). Addiction to playing games can cause children to experience concentration problems and they tend to be more interested in playing games indoors than in physical activities outside the home.

Research conducted by dr. Siste, 2008 (addiction expert & Head of the dominoqq Department of Mental Health Medicine Cipto Mangunkusumo Hospital – Faculty of Medicine, University of Indonesia), there are 14% of children addicted to the internet (playing social media & online games) . Usually they spend about 4-6 hours per day.

The impact of children who are addicted to the game are willing to spend time just to play games than do other activities, and they think playing games is more important than anything else. In addition to the impact of spending time playing games, Price, stated that game addiction also makes it difficult for a person to develop the ability to interact with others and makes relationships with others less good. Anderson & Bushman also stated that game addiction decreases academic achievement and learning motivation.

Then, how do we know if a child is addicted to games?

  1. Most of the time is spent playing games .
  2. Delaying or even deliberately skipping tasks to play games. 
  3. Not quiet when there is no cellphone.
  4. Asking parents to buy game equipment in the near future.

Then what if the child is already experiencing game addiction , and how to deal with it? Here are some ways to deal with game addiction in children:

  1. Reduce time playing games for children. If the child spends about 6 hours in a day, then reduce the time to play slowly or give understanding to the child why playing hours should be limited.
  2. Distract with other useful activities. For example, such as inviting swimming, playing ball, or other physical activities.
  3. Make deals to play games . Like being allowed to play after studying or after helping parents.
  4. Set a good example. For example, when they have free time, parents may invite children to chat, invite children to take part in cleaning the house, or take a walk (for example, to a museum, to a national library, or a playground).
  5. If after doing various methods as above but the desire to play the game is still very high, then it would be very appropriate to ask for help from professional experts.

The Impact of Online Games on Adolescent Social Behavior

The rapid development of science and technology has brought changes in all aspects of life. One of the results of technological developments is the internet. As the development of the internet era is growing rapidly, one of the benefits of the development of the internet is for entertainment, for example to play online games. Online games have emerged as a new type of entertainment for all groups, especially teenagers. With many new features, which are varied in number and cheap internet connection, online games are increasingly mushrooming in Indonesia. Not only in big cities, online games have also penetrated the countryside. It is not impossible in 5-10 years traditional games such as hide and seek, hobo sodor and jumping rope will be even more difficult to find. Playing online games is not only done in internet cafes but can be done anywhere as long as you bring your device and there is also an internet network. That way people are increasingly spoiled by the presence of online games.

Online games that are in demand in Indonesia such as; Mobile Legends, PUBG, Free Fire and Valorant make teenagers often lose track of time. The rise of online games has also caused teenagers to become addicted to these games. Especially in the Covid-19 pandemic situation, where almost all activities are carried out at home, teenagers only spend all day playing online games. We often meet them at cafes or warmindo, idn poker teenagers playing online games late into the night. This makes them even more lazy to do assignments or take part in lessons because playing late at night makes them sleepy. Playing online games is actually fine, but as long as we can share our time and don’t harm others. The result of this online game also changes teenagers in terms of socializing. The presence of this online game certainly has a positive impact as well as a negative impact, depending on how we respond to this.

Even though there is a positive side to playing online games, without us knowing it, online games have more negative effects on addicts, both physically and psychologically, especially teenagers. Many teenagers assume that online games are just entertainment when they are bored and heartbroken. Many also assume that online games are just free time. Even though without realizing it, it will damage in many ways. Social theory views this as a social fact that has mushroomed among the community without many people realizing that there are changes both in terms of communication and social interaction in the community environment in which these individuals interact and socialize. It is as if they are required to follow the current trend, if you don’t want to say it is a scab or old-fashioned. The presence of online games in the midst of the rapid pace of technology has had a major influence on personal development and adaptation of a person, especially adolescents, even the ability to adapt to their social environment. Not a few teenagers have turned into game addicts, so they forget their true identity.

The impact of online gaming on teenagers is also often speaking harshly so that they are accustomed to doing this to anyone even to older people. We can already feel the change in social behavior in adolescents due to playing online games. Before online games were mushrooming like now, teenagers spent time helping their parents, working in groups and hanging out with peers. The difference is now that teenagers gather just to play online games late into the night and often forget their obligations. Changes in social behavior in adolescents will continue, especially as we live in a modern, practical era.

Plus the assumption that playing online games can also be successful by becoming an esports player or a YouTuber. Of course we should not blame the entry of this new culture for the impact of globalization. The role of parents in educating their children here greatly influences adolescents in their development. Parents must be able to teach children how to divide their time and which ones should be prioritized so that children are not addicted to playing online games. Too prioritizing online games is just a waste of time, obligations that should be done first are often delayed because playing online games takes too long. Time that should have been spent playing with peers or doing assignments has been seized on for hours of gaming. In the midst of the fast pace of the internet and the presence of online games, we as teenagers must be able to choose and sort out what is good and what is not for us so as not to fall into negative things.

Evolution and Classification of Electronic Games in Indonesia

The more we move towards modernization, the demands of various aspects of life are felt to be heavier by many people. As a result, this has resulted in high levels of stress in people in various circles. To avoid excessive stress, we need time to rest or refresh, such as taking a walk, reading a book, playing, etc. As technology develops, the games we play have become more and more diverse. From games that used to be hide and seek, cat and mouse, playing tops and so on. Now the game has turned into a digital game. Playing games (interactive electronic games) has become a popular means for them to escape from the burdens of life.

Games or what we often call games are activities carried out to entertain ourselves from feeling bored. Along with the development of science and technology in this modern era, various types of games are circulating. Not only for refreshing, but the game application has become a very large industrial business. Games that used to be associated with childhood have caught the attention of teenagers and even adults today. Game means “entertainment”. Game play also refers to the meaning of “intellectual playability”. Meanwhile, the word “game” can be interpreted as an arena for players’ decisions and actions. There are targets that the players want to achieve. Intellectual agility, to some degree,

According to Alan Shiu Ho Kwan (2000), there are at least six factors poker deposit pulsa that underlie someone playing games: the offer of freedom, diversity of choice, attractiveness of gam elements, interface, challenges and accessibility. Based on the above understanding, we can conclude that almost all humans must have even liked games.

Games are actually very important for human brain development. A human being will start to think if he is faced with a problem. Meanwhile, in a game, we are faced with various kinds of problems and we are required to solve them in such a way that we can solve or even win the games we play. The many circulating games nowadays have become a common phenomenon in the view of society. The spread of the video game phenomenon is inseparable from the ease and cost of accessing this virtual gaming device. Without even having a device, users (gamers) are spoiled by the presence of various rentals selling both play stations and online games. Children and adolescents are familiar with various video game devices, including arcade, console,

Recently, a lot of research has shown the negative impact of playing games, especially on children, be it on computers, consoles or various gadget devices. This of course makes a lot of parents worry and anxious. But on the other hand, there are groups that say playing has a positive impact that is no less important. The following are positive and negative impacts and solutions circulating in society.

Online games or so-called online games are a type of computer game that utilizes a computer network (LAN or internet), as the medium. Usually online games are provided as additional services from online service providers or can be accessed directly through the system provided by the company that provides the game.

According to Andrew Rollings and Ernest Adams, online gaming is more accurately described as a technology, rather than as a game genre; a mechanism for connecting players together, compared to certain patterns in a game (Rolling & Adams, 2006: 770). Online games are of many types, from simple text-based games to games that use complex graphics and form a virtual world that is occupied by many players at once.

In online games, there are two main elements, namely the server and the client. The server administers the game and connects the client, while the client is a game user who uses the server’s capabilities. Online games can be called part of social activity because players can interact with each other virtually and often create virtual communities.

Game Streaming will be Popular 2021

Play games on smartphones is predicted to experience a revolution this year. A number of game developers began to provide streaming services to play games on mobile phones.

Playing the game in streaming will allow players to live broadcast the game in real-time . Players also don’t need a PC, only smartphones that meet the specifications.

Launching Tech Radar , Monday (4/1), Microsoft xCloud is one of the companies that started providing smartphone game streaming services. Players can stream Xbox games directly to the phone.

Players can play Halo 5, Sea of ​​Thieves, and Gears 5 with an agen poker terpercaya Xbox One controller attached to the phone running the game. Microsoft also promised that more than 150 Xbox One games will be playable on xCloud when it actually launches.

Additionally, Google Stadia has let customers stream games on Android and iOS mobile devices. Nvidia GeForce Now does the same.

The bottleneck for streaming games via mobile is connectivity. Stadia recommends a connection of 10Mbps and below to use the base resolution. Meanwhile, with a 35Mbps connection you can play in 4K HDR.

Citing Venture Beat , Google, Microsoft, Sony, Amazon, Nvidia, Shadow, and Facebook have all moved to cloud-based game streaming. Microsoft has launched an Xbox Game Pass subscription in hopes of following in the footsteps of Netflix, which began targeting games after mastering streaming movies and TV shows.

Former MIT Media Lab director Nicholas Negroponte said gaming or movie streaming was very profitable. Strategically, such services could be a way of pooling consumers and concentrating the power of media in the hands of one company with one subscription.

Here Are 5 Positive Effects of Online Game Effects That You Can Peek

Playing online games doesn’t always have a bad impact, you know. You can feel the positive effects if not done excessively, like the following.

All actions that a person takes must have positive and negative sides, such as playing online games. This is actually influenced by different points of view. So far, most parents will see it from one side only so that this activity will not look good.

Basically, the impact of playing games isn’t always bad. You just need to look at it differently than usual. In addition, it is also influenced by technological developments that make most children and adults like games like this.

Then, does playing online games have a good impact? Here are 5 positive effects of playing that you can feel.

Increase Brain Activity

One of the positive effects of online games that you can feel is increasing situs judi qq and sharpening brain activity. Of course, every game requires high concentration in order to focus on achieving the highest score. In addition, while completing missions requires a precise strategy that forces your brain to seek innovation in order to win against the enemy.

Practicing a sense of sportsmanship towards the opponent

The effect of the next online game is that it can train a sense of sportsmanship on the opponent. This can make you more prepared to accept defeat without feeling hopeless or humble victory. This method can make you play more honestly by following the applicable rules.

Usually, this online sports game is not only studied by adults, but also children and adolescents can understand the meaning of playing online games. Online games can indeed be played by almost all ages, but make sure you also supervise the children so they don’t overdo it.

Hone Ability to Work as a Team

In the online game area, teamwork is often required to get a win and bonus. Therefore, you will also be trained to get used to actively communicating with the team to help and support each other.

This communication can also be used to arrange strategies between players to be more compact against the enemy. This is very important so that victory is easier to obtain.

Familiarize Yourself with More Than One Activity

In order to be successful in playing online games, good skills are needed. Therefore, you need high concentration in order to do this. This habit can have a positive impact on online games, namely accustomed to doing more than one activity simultaneously.

Amuse Yourself with Different Activities

The various activities we face often cause boredom. Feelings like that can affect the decline in the performance of a person, both children at school to adults who are already working. So, start looking for different activities such as playing online games to entertain yourself and recharge.

Those are 5 positive effects that you can feel after playing. As it turns out, playing online games isn’t always bad if it’s not over done. To ensure you and your family’s future is guaranteed, trusted protection like the Zurich Pro-fit 8 is needed.

You can get a variety of other interesting information about lifestyle, personal development, innovation, insurance and the impact of an activity only in Zurich to #May easy your life.

Entertainment “online” games were most powerful during the coronavirus outbreak

Along with the appeal to work from home and reduce gathering activities, many people have turned to looking for activities in cyberspace for entertainment during the corona outbreak.

Sensor Tower, an app analytics firm, saw a jump in online game downloads for mobile to 4 billion downloads globally, up sharply from the previous year’s 2.9 billion.

The largest spike of 46 percent, equivalent to 1.6 billion downloads, occurred in February in the region, to coincide with the outbreak of the coronavirus that is expanding beyond China.

Quoted from various sources, the largest increase in online game downloads came from China, originally online game enthusiasts had free time to play games on their cellphones during the Chinese New Year holidays which fall between January and February every year.

The Chinese government decided to increase the time for holidays poker qq as well as quarantine to reduce the spread of the corona virus in the country.

China asked factories, schools and shops not to operate for a certain period of time and asked their citizens to be at home during the outbreak.

Residents there, especially in heavily affected cities like Wuhan, work and do activities at home, online games are their choice to fill that time.

The app analysis institute App Anie said the most popular games during the corona outbreak were puzzle games such as “Brain Out” and the war game “Honor of Kings”.

The game “Honor of Kings” is estimated to rake in 2 billion yuan at the start of the Lunar New Year holiday season.

Game developers responded to the corona virus outbreak in various ways, Niantic adjusted several rules in the Pokemon GO game to keep it interesting to play alone.

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The Pokemon GO game requires players to explore a lot on foot to play with other players.

During the current corona outbreak, Niantic reduced the distance needed to hatch Pokemon eggs.

Game tournaments

Large companies such as Apple Inc and Google canceled their annual meetings or changed the format of the event to online conferences due to concerns over the spread of the coronavirus.

The Pro League of Legends in China had to change events and tighten their policies for the tournament which took place on March 9.

To be able to play in the tournament, organizers require athletes to quarantine for 14 days and consult a local doctor.

Even though it has gone through quarantine, the league is still held online, no longer in an arena attended by spectators. Athletes play from their respective bases.

Easy Tips and Tricks for Downloading Idn Poker Apk Online

There are many people who don’t know how to appear Download Idn Poker Apk Chance Poker. Even though it is very easy and anyone is ready to play it. Even the guiding figure who was just in the first period tried not to endure the tragedy while playing. This tactic is because the game is easy to understand. For those of you who want to play online poker agents , you should first understand the tips and resources that you will allow this. If you play at a price with hockey or luck, then winning will be very convoluted. Because the game is a player who has been skilled at reading the situation on the slip.

The name of conflict or competition must use the system if you want to win the match. So, you should understand several ways in order to win at online poker gambling. Here are more or less easy tips and tricks to win online poker gambling:

Preparing Equipment From Idn Poker Apk Download Gambling

To be able to play, you must have capital in the game or usually called chips. Full or at least equipment does not guarantee that you can win easily. If the character is a beginner, then we suggest bringing a minimum capital of betting on the table. This tactic is useful for avoiding large stagnation early in the product situs poker online.

  • Predict the opponent’s Idn Poker Apk Download Game

Suspecting the opponent’s dish is the key to victory, not the price of a novice player. Especially for skilled players who still apply these tricks & tricks. You have to be able to read the full extent of the opponents’ movements. Quiet play and complete calm is a surefire way to outwit obstacle courses. By playing quietly, therefore partners will not be able to read your game.

  • Set the tempo of the gambling game Download Idn Poker Apk

Appearing with the tempo of the game is needed in online poker gambling. Reminiscing round the table slip is always done randomly. If during the round of cards that you win, there is no trusted card that can win the product Therefore, you should fold.

  • Migrating Positions

Choosing the capacity that can get luck or luck is an element of progress. If in the previous position you didn’t feel like you were recording good luck or a good round of cards. Therefore we recommend switching status. This is not still done because if you consider winning because of strategy & order and not winning. However, these tips and strengths are also used by skilled and clever players even though they do not hold back the victory.

  • Try Yourself

The game also aspires to the name of a strong obstinacy. You will lose if you do not appear peaceful. Playing and relying on the depths is reckless behavior. Because it does not make it superior if it makes it fall out more. We suggest that you try to wake up during the game, if the game is peaceful, therefore it can automatically be striking and change conditions. And slowly you can hold the game that makes you win the game.

This is the information that servants can provide regarding easy tips & tactics for winning online poker betting that you can try. Hopefully the tips and power that we provide can attack all of your questions about how to easily excel at playing online poker gambling.

The Fast Social Climbing Way By Installing Indonesian Online Poker Idn

Playing the gambling game Install Idn Poker OpportunityPoker, does indeed pass a lot of fun that is so much fun. Various basic provisions, tricks and tips to win, to the right tactics to ensnare opponents, of course, that’s why it’s a matter that is commonly discussed in every poker betting article.

Interesting Evidence of Gambling with Installing Idn Poker
Well, you want to take this channel to find out more about the poker games that you often play, both in casinos or playing online gambling.

Interesting Evidence of the Very Fun Idn Poker Install Gambling Game

There is a lot of interesting evidence behind the online poker gambling game that you can recognize from the following article discussion. These kinds of evidence want to take you even further in knowing whether it is an online poker card game that you often play. Playing poker cards is not only possible when you have money, when you just want to play for fun, you can also have fun playing poker cards.

Let’s immediately change the evidence about online poker betting games for your sake to get to know, namely:

* Evidence Around Online Poker Hand

The initial evidence that you must recognize when playing online poker idn play gambling games is evidence about hand poker. So, it is said that a poker card containing over 52 tickets can produce around 2,598.960 poker hands in a poker gambling game. Not most people or all players expect that some of these numbers will be formed in the odds of a poker hand.

It remains reasonable that the evidence surrounding hand poker in online poker betting games is that there are various names or meanings in the poker hand, a small number associated with the names of people, moments, or several masses. For example, a hand that contains a value of 8 and ace is similar to a dead man’s hand with the authenticity of these 2 cards which was once held by Old West, the hero of Wild Bill Hickock when he was killed.

* Evidence About the Number of Idn Poker Install Cards

There is still information about the poker betting slip game, which is currently being played as an online gambling product. This opportunity is related to more or less things related to the poker game cards. Therefore, when at first it was real, that kind of poker game was played with about 20 slips in 1x product. From the 20 cards, the cards will be dealt with the same average of only 4 players.

The first time it is played, the game of poker can only be accompanied by an optimal of 4 players in the match. Every player in the poker gambling game at that time, of course, each had 5 cards that were randomly given. Well, for the poker game model that is currently available as well as online poker gambling games, a total of around 52 cards were only played in 1834 and later.

* Other Proof of Poker Card Gambling

The most recent evidence regarding the online poker betting game is the impressive card presentation that has written history when more than one sign was yesterday. For example, for one of the types of poker offerings, Texas hold’em poker itself has been played since 1900 in Texas, United States. Then the dish which is currently popular that until now is still being played.

The next information about poker betting products is the creation of chips that date back to 1800 as a form of preventing damage. Made to be a standardization of value for money, the existence of this chip was made barren of various materials, such as frames, wood, and ivory. And then fresh in the 1900s chips that had a clay-based base began to be made. The existence of this chip is therefore the origin of the online poker betting product.

* Change of Number of Cards from 20 to 54

The first interesting pact regarding online poker betting is that there is a change in the number of tickets used to appear. In ancient times the number of cards used was only about 20 slips. The twenty cards can only be played together with around 4 people, where each person will get 5 tickets. Then as time went on, there was a change in the number of tickets used, therefore 54 cards. It is not clear why the substitution took place, but now we know the game of poker is the 54 card game.

Approximately ten million Americans are poker players

Now after that there is other riveting evidence to come along which is quite unique and the most important suspicion to be found. Really, the afterwords about some of the poker players on earth. From which country are the most poker figures in the field? Based on data, the United States is a country that has a very large population of doing this game.

There are 80 million registered poker players in the USA, moreover, there are also around 1.2 million people who play poker every day. It would not be a mistake to follow if the universe really grew so. Moreover, based on the review, one of which is the president of the United States in fact is a reliable poker player. The president was named Richard Nixon who had earned $ 6000 more than playing poker.

Online poker games have been around since the 1990s

Online poker games have been around since the 1990s, which is where you need to know the origin of this online poker gambling game originating from the State of Texas and then growing rapidly to several countries in Europe and Asia as well as in Indonesia itself. The ease of playing online poker gambling is deemed sufficient to help poker gambling addicts to be able to enjoy the game easily without having to go to the casino. Simply by using a cellphone or PC you can play online poker gambling comfortably and safely, this online poker gambling game arises because of the considerable demand from gambling players, they cannot take the time to play daftar dominoqq at the casino at any time, so that the gambling game providers themselves make applications that can be accessed by all people around the world to be able to play online poker gambling on the internet either with live sites or with iOS and Android mobile applications. The ease of playing online poker gambling on Android and the internet makes it easier for players to bet and save time wherever they are.

The advantages of playing online poker on the internet

When you play online poker gambling on the internet, the difference is in terms of the wins you get and the bonuses you can get. In the offline poker gambling game you cannot get bonuses like the initial deposit bonus for new members up to 30% by yourself, then there is also a referral bonus if you invite your friends to play online poker gambling on an online poker site, this referral bonus can be up to 3 Own% of each of your referrals’ winnings on the table and also the bonus turnover from the funds you play. How interesting is not it? gambling games like this are what many members expect. Easy and lots of bonuses.

  • Online poker games can be operated with android and ios phones

Besides getting lots of bonuses, you can also play online poker gambling with your Android phone and iOS. Currently gambling companies provide an online poker gambling application that can be installed on cellphones with the aim of making it easier for them gambling players to play poker whenever and wherever they are. This also adjusts to the development of digital technology where there are already many players who have cellphones that support installing these applications. That way the big win is in your hands.

  • Easier transaction process

In addition, you are also facilitated in terms of fund transactions, both deposits and withdrawals of winning funds, you only need to use internet banking or mobile banking to transfer funds to the account of an online poker gambling agent. A system like this really pampers gambling players to be more relaxed and can enjoy online poker gambling games more easily at their homes and at work without having to go to an ATM to transfer funds.

  • More safe and comfortable

Finally, the online poker gambling game that has been around since the 1990s is considered safe and comfortable enough to be played by anyone, of course you can get security and comfort because you can play without having to leave the house.

Let’s register now with Meatloaf Multimedia and win!

Guide to Joining the Mepunkshit Online Poker Gambling Agent

Talking about online poker gambling games on the internet, of course everyone must already understand what the poker gambling game is and what is the way to play it yourself. Well, poker gambling friends, on this occasion we will review some things related to gambling, more precisely, a guide to playing online poker gambling agents on the internet to get wins quite easily. There are many trusted online poker sites in Indonesia but they cannot really guarantee safety and comfort for their members. Most online poker agents already have sophisticated technology to provide games with only 1 ID. The following is information on how to play online poker gambling on an Indonesian online poker site.

Join an Online Poker Gambling Agent

Before getting into the guide to playing online poker gambling, there are a number of things you need to learn first regarding what terms exist in the world of online poker gambling. The first is the term bluffing, which in the world of online poker, this term is often used by novice gamblers and professional class gamblers alike, the way the bluffing game works itself is quite easy. When the fifth card appears, that is poker deposit pulsa the time for the player to bluff by bullying the opponent, how do you do it? Namely with all in all the chips that are owned with the aim of other players to fold.

However, this kind of method is quite risky for the inexperienced, so it’s better to reconsider if you want to use this method. then the term of the game in online poker agents is usually known as the martiangle system, where the martiangle system is an online poker game technique by utilizing three consecutive defeats in an all-in manner in the fourth period, the hope of this method of getting a return either back in capital or get a double advantage. Both of these methods are quite popular today and are still often used to beat opponents at one table.

Now for another term in the online poker gambling game, the blind, the blind is the meaning of the small blind and the big blind which is the minimum bet size on one table. Then known as the dealer, which means the dealer, raises a bet greater than the first bet, call calls the bet according to the previous bet, all in puts all the chips you have, fold does not follow the game, check only sees the next card. To get to know and understand more about the poker gambling game system, then you must master what we have described above.

Guide to Joining the Mepunkshit Online Poker Gambling Agent

  1. The first step, please do the registration process first by filling in the registration form correctly
  2. Enter the bank account data, the name of the account owner and a valid account number as a transaction process later
  3. Make sure you use a user id and password that is easy to remember
  4. The next step is the deposit process by looking at active accounts
  5. Confirm if you have made a deposit

At first glance information that currently online poker gambling agents have a special android application for poker gambling games, online ceme, qq bookies and others that you can download from the mobile menu on the site homepage. Thank you


Updated Techniques For Beginners To Play Soccer Gambling

Beginners can understand the technique of playing football betting online at a trusted soccer gambling agent by following this well-organized review.

Soccer gambling is of course one of the most popular games for many players around the world and you can even make a big profit here. Another argument for why soccer betting is really demanding is because there are many kinds of attractive bets that can be placed such as handicaps, over under, 1 × 2, mix parlay, outright and so on.

Beginner players who are new to the world of online gambling must carefully examine all of the following descriptions of online soccer games. Explanation of Playing Techniques with the best soccer gambling sites.

It is not difficult to learn the technique of playing ball betting. The idn poker first step is to understand the important terms:

  • Home = host team
  • Team coming = coming
  • HT = half time
  • FT = full time
  • Odds = the market value of the soccer bet

Negative Odds

If your team wins the payout continues, but if you lose your bet must be reduced at this price. The result is paying a fine, or everyday language as water money.

Positive Odds

The difference with negative odds is that if you win, you will get more money if you lose, you don’t use water costs or fines. All these meanings can certainly be found when playing soccer betting, especially for many betting fans from the Sbobet provider.

Sbobet is currently one of the largest online gambling suppliers in Asia based in the Philippines. The Sbobet supplier itself allows you to place the most complete variety of soccer gambling as described above.

In the following we will say the correct technique for playing soccer betting.

Mix Parlay

Handicap is one of the most popular types of soccer bets and with this bet it is important to understand what the term voor is. before playing at the best credit deposit gambling agent.

Correct Score

Until this kind of ball bet is really hard to win. This is because the player must predict the end result of the first phase or one of them all. In addition, this bet has the meaning of AOS (all other points) which refers in the number of goals that are not in the market.

So, if the result of the match that you are trying to install is not in the 3rd faction market, you can put it in the most complete selection of online soccer gambling agents.

Combo Mix Parlay

When you choose a match between Real Madrid and Levante, you must place a minimum of 2 bets on that match: Handicap and Over Below. The parlay mix combo bet calculation is the same as described in the parlay mix bet above. If you win, the payout will be multiplied many times.

Voor in this handicap bet refers to the team that gives it the most points against the enemy because it is seen as better in the game.

All of the information above is about the technique of playing soccer bets and what kinds of bets are important for you to understand so that they are simpler when playing in the future.

We also hope that this soccer betting game will help you win more simply by giving it a winning guide when playing at the following trusted real money betting bookies.

Online Football Gambling Betting Tactics

  • For beginners, we advise you to place simple soccer bets to explore first such as 1 × 2, Over Under or Odd-Even.
  • Before placing a bet, look at whether the match is likely, whether it is profitable or not.
  • It is better not to force your luck on hard -to -win football bets such as direct bets or combined parlays.
  • If you bet on 1 × 2 football, try betting on a big team.
    It is also important for you to follow the transitions of the football world, such as player transfers or team improvements, to be able to bet wisely.
  • If you want to try your luck at combined bets, it’s better not to make too many teams. Placing multiple teams on a parlay package is very risky.

For starters, Indonesia’s largest football gambling city has a review and guide on football betting techniques to win at Sbobet here. We hope all the info in this article will give many players knowledge. thank you.