Best Android Adult Games 2020, Leaks Are Not Entered!

Android adult games do not all offer good graphics like the best HD graphics Android games . But, this is one of the game categories that users are most interested in.

It’s just that you have to understand the basic rules regarding the game rating system , where not all games can be played by everyone because the content is slightly different.

The themes and gameplay that are served by the games that ApkVenue will discuss this time are slightly different from most games.

For you adult gamers, here ApkVenue gives recommendations for Android games that contain adult elements that you can play. Small children can’t read!

Latest & Best Android Adult Games 2020

Well, the definition of adult games here is not only Android love games filled with adult scenes, but they can also fall into the category of 18 years and over because they have elements of violence in them.

Even though it sounds odd, the game that ApkVenue will discuss in this article is actually still very feasible to play.

For those of you who want to know references for downloading the latest and best Android 18+ adult games in 2020, you can read the list below. Here’s the full review!

1. Sexy Academy

Sexy Academy is an Android adult game adapted from the popular Japanese game. This game tells the story of various beautiful female heroes waiting to be collected and ordered by the Summoner Master.

Even though the hero seems sexy, playing this game still requires focus, using good tactics and skills, you know. Therefore, you must be able to rely on your instincts to play it.

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Besides that, with the file size that is not that big, you can play this game freely as much as you like. Addictive guaranteed!

2. Sexy Spider

Sexy Spider is actually a card game. Different from other games, this one game requires players to be able to collect and arrange all cards .

Later, you are asked to sort the cards in order from smallest to largest in order to get a good picture.

Take it easy, you will still get an “adult” element through the idnplay88 pictures on the cards. Here later you will find the adult element implicitly!

3. Hot Sexy Girl Darts 3D

Sexy Darts Game 3D is a husband and wife game that is perfect for you lovers of shooting games, aka aiming, but also want to add an “adult” element to it.

Yes, this game challenges you to throw arrows to hit the target with the highest points. You will be invited and accompanied by beautiful girls while playing.

Having elements like the best adventure games on Android , this game is quite challenging and you can use it as well as possible to hone your instincts.

4. Solitaire Sexy Adult Card Games

This game is an Android adult game with the theme of a card game. In this game, you will see various kinds of cardset of beautiful girls.

Basically, this game is almost similar to regular Solitaire. It’s just that, you will widen your eyes when you see the hot pictures .

This game is adjusted according to the difficulty level you want to play. The more complex the level, the more prizes you can get.