A Little Wrinkling Of Capsa Susun Online

Hello Loyal Readers Guidancepoker We will share a few tips on curling capsa stacking and card sequences from the capsa susun game itself.

Capsa susun itself is a card game that is almost the same as poker, because the game of capsa itself is very easy to play for a beginner or who can already play.

Before you want to play capsa susun online itself, you have to know a little about the basics of the game of poker, so those who want to play will find it very easy, and can win the ongoing game.

Capsa Susun itself can only be a maximum of 4 people, it can’t be like a poker game which can be more than 4 people,

In the capsa stack game itself you have to combine situs poker online resmi each of the cards you get and arrange up to 3 levels

-The lower level must have 5 cards that are large enough
-The middle level of the card must be smaller than the card that is in the bottom position
-The upper level Must combine 3 cards that are quite

large.Capsa Card Combinations from the highest to the lowest:

– Dragon
– Royal Flush
– Straight Flush
– Four Of Kind
– Full House
– Flush
– Straight
– Three Of Kind
– Two Pair
– One Pair

In the world of gambling, players are only given 1 minute to arrange the cards that are distributed to everyone at the game table.

Points that are earned from each game that has a combination card:

– Dragon combination is worth 52 points
– Middle Royal Flush combination is worth 22 points
– Lower Royal Flush combination is worth 11 points
– Middle Straight Flush combination is worth 18 points
– Half Straight Flush combination is worth 18 points bottom is 9 points
– middle Four of Kind combination is 14 points
– Lower Four of Kind combination is 7 points
– Full House combination is 3 points

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The capsa susun game online has the term super translucent or translucent. Translucent where your three parts of your card (bottom, middle, and top) are superior to your other opponents. If this happens, the points will be 2 times.

Meanwhile, the super penetration or the circumference where your card parts (bottom, middle, and top) are superior to other players. This situation can occur if the table is full.

There is also a term paw, paw is a situation where a player is wrong in arranging the cards he has. This player will be deemed a loser through the circumference and their points will be calculated as 3 × 4 + points for other players.