6 Fun 18+ Android adult games that kids can’t play

Currently, Android adult games have developed a lot and can be played easily as long as the age is appropriate. Of course, games today should not be played by children who have not met their age limits because they are feared that they will have a bad effect on their psychological development.

As for adults, this game can be used for entertainment and boredom relief.

with good graphics
Casanova series
The first Android adult application that can be played is the Casanova Series. This game contains a story about the journey of a man who wants to conquer the hearts of many women in the game.

The story is quite light and can be enjoyed easily. Men who are talented in ragging and approaching women can be proven by playing this one game.

In terms of appearance, the design is fresh enough to be seen with quite HD quality. The cartoon of the woman is made so mature that it is not suitable for children to play.

Bone Town
Want a very raunchy and mature 18+ game app? Try to play this Bone Town game. From the women’s costumes, you can see the vulgarity.

Small size offline Android adult gameBonetown. (IST)
If you don’t have a problem, maybe you can enjoy every game series and storyline that is in it. But if you don’t have the guts, you should discourage downloading this one game.

This game made in 2008 has flaws in the graphics of every idn poker character in the game. Where the making of the figures is less refined and does not have HD quality.

The Guy Game

Want a guessing game with a different atmosphere and that isn’t boring? Try playing the game The Guy.

This game takes you as if you are in a studio that contains beautiful and handsome women as questioners.

You can also choose a female character as yourself who will play the quiz in it.

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The rest is nothing that stands out from this game. In fact, every question that there is is still normal. However, the appearance of the characters presented makes it dangerous for young children to play with.

Playboy: The Mansion

As the name implies, today’s games focus on men who later have to win the hearts of many women in the game.

This game has a goal that the more women you get, the bigger the points it will have as long as other women don’t get caught.

The game is quite relaxed with an easy-to-understand plot.

What makes it forbidden for children to play is the appearance of the woman in the game and also the kissing scene that often appears when the man gets his new partner.

Private Lesson

The next adult game that you must try is the Private Lesson game. This game tells the story of a male teacher who has a beautiful private student in it.

There are many adult vulgar scenes in this one game, making it forbidden to be played by children under the age limit.

In terms of graphics, it is pretty good and is of HD quality so it’s easy to enjoy and doesn’t hurt your eyes.

Sexy Tank

This one game can also be played on your Android where the contents are the shooting of several women with their enemies.

What makes it forbidden to be played by children is the stature of a woman who is made very mature. The rest, there are no vulgar scenes in it.

Those are some good graphic Android adult game applications that can be played to get rid of the feeling of being bored. But don’t forget to keep it away from children.