If you are one of the millennial generation, you will definitely remember the online games that were loved by many people, especially students and young people. Yes, dingdong, in its early days, including successfully finishing the pockets of students and young people, with the excitement and various games on offer, as well as graphic design and a pleasant appearance, making this game never empty of players, all students and young people are willing queuing to play alternately and willing to spend every day, willing not to snack just to buy coins to be able to play games in dingdong.

Now, dingdong is clearly far removed and replaced by various types of games that are more sophisticated, more modern, more exciting with a more up-to-date appearance, but for the millennial generation, memories of playing dingdong certainly remain warm in the heart and memory.

Although the various types of games that used to be played in dingdong can now also be enjoyed through other media, such as play stations or game consoles or game applications from your mobile phone, it doesn’t hurt if we review again, what types of games used to be favorites of the people. millennial generation at that time.

  • Street Fighter 2, can be said to be a fighting game genre that is quite successful and has become a pioneer of other fighting games that we can currently enjoy in various types of games. With the fighting genre, complete with the characters of the fighters who have their own fighting techniques, as well as a challenging bonus stage, this game used to be very popular and became the number 1 favorite, the figure of Ryu, the hero in street fighter 2 who has the characteristic situs slot terbaik of wearing clothes. white karate and wearing a headband make this game synonymous with Ryu the hero.
  • Raiden, similar to the street fighter 2 game, Raiden also has a fighting game genre and Seibu Kaihatsu has also succeeded in popularizing the shoot them up game genre and the good news is, this game can still be enjoyed through the game Raiden Legacy.
  • Final Fight, contains 3 famous heroes, namely Guy, Cody and Haggar. This game was also a success because it had an innovative beat them up Agen Bola that had not been found in other games at that time
  • Cadillacs and Dinosaurs, this is an action game adapted from similar comics, this game also has quite a good innovation, starting from the presence of four-wheeled vehicles (at a certain level), there are firearms such as bazookas, shotguns and others, as well as games. it can be played live up to 3 people.
  • Mortal Kombat, is one of the most controversial games because of the brutal characters (fatality scenes) in this game.
  • Time Crisis, this game is also very popular and fun, because each player is required to be able to balance the right time and moment to shoot and hide.
  • The King of Fighters, became very popular because in this game there are a lot of heroes to choose from and there is a tag team system that makes this game clearly different from other games because each player has to combine their team of heroes to beat the opponent.
  • Warriors of Fate, or Samkok Arcade, this game is very exciting and tense because of the endless battles in the face of the evil royal army. There is an increase in the level that you will pass with a level of difficulty that increases with each level.
  • Rampage: World Tour, this game is about destroying the entire city as done by monsters such as Godzilla, Kingkong and large animals that resemble other monsters.
  • Bad Dudes vs Dragon Ninja, in this game, you will play and become a macho hero who has the task of freeing President Ronnie from the snare of the Dragon Ninja criminal organization.
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The 10 types of online games mentioned above, the average types of games are for students and teenage boys, but that does not mean that the millennial generation who are women do not have memorable games in their time, there are also many other exciting and interesting games that are played by the girls. students and young women at that time, like the bobble puzzle, a simple game but very exciting and addicting.

Yes, that was the game in the 90s, not as much as it is today, but it still leaves a pleasant impression and memory.